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    Trained to Believe a Lie For a good part of my life, I thought I had to be right about everything....

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldOctober 9, 2016

    Shifting Points is something that happens as a result of a dramatic life event or moment of importance…a metaphysical experience that...

    Shifting Points by Myster BluMyster BluMay 28, 2016
  • 7 “Miracle” Cures That Aren’t Really Miracles

    Out of Balance We live in a society where we rush through our days, think incessantly about one thing or another...

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldFebruary 21, 2016
  • The Illusion of Patience

    Unnecessary Skill From an early age we experience people losing their patience, usually with us, but it can be with anyone...

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldSeptember 6, 2015
  • Reality Check: Tolerance vs. Acceptance

    “Tolerance isn’t freedom; it’s the illusion of freedom.” The Illusion of Intolerance It wasn’t always like this- this intolerance we have...

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldMarch 22, 2015
  • The Experience of Real Love: Part I – Is it Love or Just Your Ego?

    Part One of a Three-Part Series “What we look for in others is what we believe we lack in ourselves.” Trained...

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldFebruary 22, 2015
  • New Year’s Resolution 2015: Simplify the Mind

    Cramped and Cluttered It’s the holiday season and that means one thing for our mind .¨ lots of thinking. We go...

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldDecember 26, 2014
  • Make Love, Not War

    We’re Nice in the Beginning Nothing beats the excitement of a new relationship. The longing to be together, the never-ending talks...

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldSeptember 28, 2014
  • Gurls with Game: Keep the Fire Burning

    Who doesn’t dream of having a lasting romance? We all do, right? More importantly, we deserve it. Relationships are just like...

    Living Large with AniciaAnicia BraggAugust 24, 2014