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4 Tips on How to Write Faster

Do you feel that getting down to writing and finishing it seems like an uphill struggle? Do you have to wrestle with your writing for hours and hours to turn it into a polished essay while wishing you could do it faster?

Well, writing doesn’t have to be so arduous, and it can go like a breeze if you develop a habit of writing more quickly.

You can also use essay writing services to help you with your writing. A cheap essay writing service can help you get around the hassles of writing by doing the task for you.  While you can always use an essay writing service to get fast service, there are many ways to develop a habit of writing better and faster by yourself.

Change Your Way of Thinking

First of all, you should make sure your lack of ability to write faster is not a result of your habits like procrastination. So, if you find yourself putting off writing your essay due to procrastination, you should first decide to overcome that feeling that keeps you from moving forward.

The most important thing is to change your attitude toward writing. Rather than seeing it as an activity you have to do, consider it a choice. When you see it this way, you’ll develop less resistance towards it.


Also, it would help a lot to divide your time in small chunks of 15 minutes to do your task and reward yourself with a short break. This way, writing doesn’t seem like an endless task to your mind.

Don’t forget to turn off any distractions. Anything that can distract you from your writing like phone notifications has to be turned off. 

Write Your Paper 

When you finally get down to writing, here’s what you can do to overcome the writer’s block and write as fast as you can:


Writing an essay doesn’t have to include ideas that are all yours. While your essay has to be unique to avoid plagiarism, you can always look for inspiration in other people’s ideas.

Research helps you develop a better picture of the topic and organize your thoughts more easily. Plus, you can detect ideas that have been missed by other writers and cover them in your own article.

Organize your Thoughts

There’s nothing more harmful to the flow of writing than a hotchpotch of ideas in your mind. Plan your outline, and you’re halfway there. All you need to do is develop the outline into a unified whole by building on the scaffolding.

Eat the Elephant One Bite at a Time

After you’ve worked out your outline, divide the whole task into smaller pieces, and work on one piece at a time. This tactic is much more helpful than trying to do the entire process at once.

Set Realistic Goals

Being realistic applies to both before and during writing processes. Writing is a skill just like other human abilities . It takes time to get better. Don’t expect yourself to write a top notch article in a very short time. You have to take a step at a time and be patient along the way.

While writing, don’t expect to write the best article from the beginning.

First, you write a draft, then revise and edit it as many times as you need to until you get it right. Writing needs frequent polishing to look like what you had initially in mind.

So, don’t worry if your work does not look like a professional one at the beginning.

Avoid Speed Bumps

Yes, to write fast, you should avoid anything that slows you down. While writing, don’t worry about the choice of words, perfect paragraphing, or even typos. These problems make you go back to your essay to correct them. But you don’t need to constantly go back and forth to correct your work because it is not the final draft.

By correcting and revising while writing, you lose the flow of your mind and slow down  the writing process. After you’re finished with wiring, you’ll have time to edit and make the necessary changes.

Even if in the middle of writing you remember you’ve missed some point, don’t stop to look for that point. Just mark it and then deal with it in the editing phase.

Edit and Proofread

Now that the preliminary draft is ready, it’s time to polish it. Do anything that can help your essay look better. Correct typos, revise your choice of words, change the order of paragraphs, add or delete sentences, or do anything that feels right.

By reading your essay over and over, you can see how it feels and what needs to be changed. You can use writing services to help you edit your text.

Bottom Line

Writing the perfect essay doesn’t have to be time-consuming. To speed up the process, you need to have the right mindset and make an effort to craft a high-quality paper without distractions. So, next time you see yourself struggling to write an essay, consider these tips to make yourself a faster writer. And remember to be patient along the way – don’t expect to become a faster and better writer in a short time.

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