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Surrogacy with Frozen Embryo Transfer in Ukraine

Surrogacy is one of the methods for solving the problem of infertility. Its essence is in the fact that parents take the necessary material for the embryo and plant it in the body of another woman. The desired material is the reproductive cells of the parents. Thanks to them, the child fully preserves the genetic code of the parents. After that, the embryo is artificially fertilized and the surrogate embryo transfer procedure to the surrogate mother is done. That woman goes through the entire pregnancy, bears and gives birth to a child. Fertilization and the inability of a woman to bear a baby are the main reasons for infertility of couples. Therefore, it must be understood that the agency of surrogacy only helps mechanical functions to occur. Material for fertilization is taken from the parents and the surrogate mother does not have any genetic connection with the child.

Western values

Why do childless couples from Europe, Asia and the United States rush to Ukraine? The law strictly prohibits surrogacy in Austria, Norway, Sweden, France, in some regions of the USA, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Law enforcement officers strictly punish for breaking the law: punishment is provided up to imprisonment. For example, in Germany it is possible to get a term of up to three years and fines, while in Italy both parents who ordered a surrogate program and surrogate mothers are punished. Similar legislation applies in France.

In Australia, Great Britain, Denmark, Italy, Israel, Spain, Canada, the Netherlands, and some US states, only non-commercial motherhood is allowed.

In Israel, the surrogacy agreement will not enter into force without the approval of a special committee of social workers, doctors and religious leaders.

Surrogacy is extremely rare in Japan – the local Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology does not approve of this method of conception. Private clinics decide whether or not to provide such services to clients.

At the same time, Western experts already perceive surrogacy in poor countries of the world as a body trade.

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogate motherhood in Ukraine is regulated by some legislative acts, the main of which is decree No. 787 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine “On approving the procedure for using assisted reproductive technologies in Ukraine”. They also include art.123 of the Family Code of Ukraine.

Before becoming a surrogate mother, a girl must undergo a medical examination, which should indicate that she is healthy. A woman must be between 19 and 37 years old.

Parents who resort to surrogate services should consider the full responsibility of such a step. It is most reasonable to contact professional agencies and clinics, where they will be an individual approach to each case, and professionals will ensure that the interests of all parties are respected.


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