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Subtle Ways to Drive Men Crazy

Many women want to make their man fall in love with them. The good news is that you can likely achieve this by doing simple things that men like. Remember, these things will not make you feel uncomfortable. Instead, they will make you feel better and hopefully feel more loved. So, here are some of the subtle ways to drive men crazy.

1. Be Mysterious

When dating, being a little bit mysterious is a great thing. Of course, you and your man will eventually get to know each other as time goes on. However, you can drive him crazy about you by keeping him guessing. Remember, a man who is in love with you has a strong desire to learn more about you. He would like to slowly know your life story. As such, you have to avoid giving him all the details of your life on your first date. Instead, let him wonder and make an effort to know your likes and dislikes.

2. Be Unavailable

One of the subtle ways to drive men crazy in love with you is to sometimes be unavailable. Most women like to spend more time with their men, especially when they’re in love. However, your man will likely want you more if you sometimes make yourself unavailable. The reason is not only because you’re letting him know that you have a life outside your relationship. Keep in mind that a lot of men like the thrill of “the chase.” As such, your man will make more effort to win you over if he thinks that you’re not head over heels in love with him.

3. Smell Nice

As you know, perfume can attract a man’s attention. One reason is that aroma can influence the mood and emotions of your man. Remember, your scent can increase your sexual attractiveness. The right perfume can drive your man crazy about you, influencing his subconscious. As a result, he will think about you whenever he sniffs something that resembles your scent.

4. Be Confident

Aside from those subtle ways to drive men crazy, another great way to draw a man’s attention is to be confident. Remember, a woman’s confidence is one of her sexiest features. As such, your man will love you more if he knows you can take charge of certain situations. However, keep in mind that there’s a fine line between arrogance and confidence. Sometimes, confidence is mistaken for arrogance. Even so, you can boost confidence without looking arrogant by being sincere and mindful of your actions.

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