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5 Tips to Make your Perfume Last Longer

Whether citrus-based or sweet, a delicate fragrance can provide confidence and empowerment for women. Each girl has her own techniques to apply perfume, but here are some tips to make it last longer:

Store your perfume in the right place

It is true that the design of the packaging of each fragrance is part of its charm and is a gift for the eye, but exposing them to light and constant changes in temperature will end up damaging the content. Don’t just leave your bottle of perfume in the bathroom or near windows. The cooler and darker the place you store your perfume, the better. So keep the following in mind:

– Store your perfume in a dark place

– Don’t forget to always close the lid and make sure it’s tightly closed

– Choose fragrances with opaque containers

– Be aware and cautious of temperature changes

Moisturize your skin before perfuming

Although the ideal choice is to apply a product of the same perfume line, this is not always possible. Apply unscented cream or lotion on your skin before the perfume, this way the fragrance won’t have any competition and the moisturizer will prolong the perfume effect.

Do not rub your skin when applying the fragrance

It’s very common that after applying a perfume, people feel the need to rub it in in order to spread the scent. Don’t make this mistake! By rubbing a perfume, you’re breaking down its molecules, which cause the scent to diminish into thin air.

Apply carefully and in strategic areas

The neck, behind your ear, the inner part of the arms and the neckline are usually the areas of the body recommended to spray the fragrance. Remember to do it in moderate amounts and that there are components of perfumes, such as alcohol, that can dry out the skin or stain it once it’s in contact with the sun. Applying your fragrance onto your clothes is also an effective way to lengthen the effect, but there are fabrics that can be damaged. Spraying it in your hair also hopes you to hold the scent for longer.

Pick the best one for you

A perfume can be renowned, win awards and smell exquisite on other people, but the only thing that truly matters is if it’s right for your skin. When choosing a fragrance, apply it on your skin, do not rub and wait for it to dry. It is the chemistry between the perfume and your skin that will tell you the real verdict.

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