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Simple Techniques to Help You Stop Fighting with Your Partner

Fights are normal in a relationship. Some couples may ague often while others hardly ague. However, keep in mind that frequent arguments don’t entail that your relationship is unhealthy. Remember, some disagreements and fights are considered healthy, especially if they allow your relationship to grow. Even so, when you and your partner always fight, you want to find a way to lessen your arguments. The good news is that there are several simple techniques to help you stop fighting with your partner.

1. Relax and Take a Break

When couples fight, they often say hurtful things that they don’t mean. This reaction is especially true when your emotions are triggered and heightened. As a solution, it is best to step out of the room and take a break when you and your partner are in a heated argument. Keep in mind that even a few minutes can help relax and calm your mind. Once your mind is cleared, you can face your partner again so that you can talk and make amends.

2. Rephrase Your Thoughts

One of the most common techniques to help you stop fighting with your partner is to rephrase your thoughts. You can do this by focusing on your feelings instead of blaming your partner for his or her actions. Remember, when you throw accusations, your partner will go on the defensive side, which may lead to doing or saying hurtful things. By rephrasing your thoughts, you will be able to fix the problem compassionately. To do this, you can start by saying “I feel” followed by a non-judgemental emotion. From there, you and your partner can talk about your feelings and ways to handle the problem.

3. Watch Your Tone

Sometimes, it is not what you said that caused the fight but the way you said it. Remember, using the right tone can open conversations instead of arguments. The reason is that your partner will not feel judged or accused. As such, if you have a problem with your partner, you can try to say it without yelling or sarcasm. Instead, you can say it using your normal tone to avoid fights.

All in all, these are some techniques to help you stop fighting with your partner. Always remember that fights and arguments are normal in a relationship because they will help you grow. However, your fights should be healthy so that you and your partner can build a stronger connection.


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