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How to Stop Fighting with Your Partner

Fighting is normal in a relationship. However, constant arguments are a sign that there is something wrong with your relationship. The good news is that we can help you resolve your issues before your fight becomes bigger. To give you a better view, here are some ways to stop fighting with your partner.

1. Step Away from the Situation

Most of the time, we become irrational during a fight, so we say things that we don’t mean. Eventually, the things we say can make matters worse, leading to a heated argument. To avoid this, you can back off and step away from the situation. By allowing yourself to cool down, you can approach the conflict with a clear head. Through this, you can listen to your partner and make amends before the fight becomes bigger.

Keep in mind that it is best to avoid conflicts if you’re having a bad day. Remember, if you’re not in the mood, your temper becomes short. If your partner starts a discussion, you can politely withdraw from the situation. When both of you have cooled down, you can start discussing the problem.

2. Reflect

One of the best ways to stop fighting with your partner is to reflect. In doing this, you can start by asking yourself if you have a bad habit that is annoying your partner. This habit can be as silly as being possessive or a nagger, but it could lead to a big fight if you and your partner won’t talk about it and compromise.

Remember, all of us have flaws, and your partner should be able to tolerate them. However, if your bad habit is continuously pushing your partner’s limits, it is best to reflect and do something about it.

3. Be More Mindful

Aside from reflecting on your bad habits, another great way to end fights with your partner is to be mindful. In doing this, you can assess your actions and reactions whenever you and your partner argue. For example, you can ask yourself if you blow up easily when your partner criticizes you.

Keep in mind that meditation will help you understand yourself. At the same time, you can also achieve a calm mind by meditating. Through this, you can better understand your partner. Plus, it will also help you identify the root cause of your fights.

4. Remember the Start of Your Relationship

When you and your partner are fighting continuously, you can travel back to the past and remember the start of your relationship. Those happy and loving thoughts will help you calm down. By remembering why you love your partner, you’ll realize his impact on your life. Keep in mind that your love for each other is stronger than any conflicts. As long as you love each other, you’ll be able to compromise and fix your issues.


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