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Red Flags to Watch Out for When Online Dating

Look out for these ten warning signs to see who to dissociate from and who to pursue. 

1.  A Vague or Incomplete Profile

When online dating, it’s necessary to steer clear of any profile that does not seem up to par. Avoid any accounts with only one photo or those without a bio. You can often tell if someone is a Catfish. They fill their profile with modelesque pictures and have no candid day-to-day looks. There are no friends or family visible on their accounts. Mask-fishing is also a new trend that has taken over since the pandemic. Some users place only pictures on their account when the majority of their face, covered by a face mask.  

2. Vulgar Messages  

The first message sent on a dating app or site is vital in making a first impression. If someone uses this opportunity to send a vulgar or explicit message straight off the bat, run. It can only go downhill from there. 

3. Irritable and Impatient Responses

We all know that when online dating, it is common to have a response or reply come in a few hours or even days after the original message. It can be frustrating if one does not reply promptly, but it does not warrant someone to be angry over your response time. Everyone is busy, a lack of understanding does not look good on anyone.

4. No Respect for Digital Boundaries

Just as you set boundaries for yourself in real life, the online dating world is no different. A person who is pushy and lacks respect towards your line of comfort is a big no. 

5. Asking for Money

No matter how much you trust or think you know someone, do not send any money online. That is a huge red flag in online dating and a scam artist’s haven.

6. Materialistic Descriptions

Someone bragging in their bio about all of the material items they own is a warning signal. Comments like:  “I have a car. I have an apartment”, shows they don’t value personality traits or characteristics very much. 

7. ‘Good Vibes Only’

Mashable’s Senior Culture Reporter noted: ‘I’m looking for someone easy going, that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, is a red alert. Searching for someone you deem to be drama-free creates an idea that they will not accept any feeling of yours, be it sad or uncomfortable. Instead, they will say you are negative and a drag,

8. Dos vs. Don’ts

Someone filling their bio with a list of all the qualities they don’t want in a potential partner is obnoxious. ‘Don’ts’ out-weighing the ‘dos’, highlights very demanding and negative traits. 

9. ‘I don’t come on here much’

If you spot the line: ‘I don’t come on here much, catch me on (insert social media link here),’ pasted onto an account – absolutely no. If you go on a dating site rarely, you are just not interested enough. 

10. One-word replies 

One-word responses are a bad sign and mean time to unmatch. Someone actually in you will make an effort. Sorry to say, replies lacking substance are not an example of this.

Spotting red flags in a potential partner is a great way to weed out those you may not gel with. We are spoiled for choice when it comes to online dating with every niche and interest catered for. Examples range from Christian dating sites to Asian dating sites, Vegan only platforms, and many more. With this vast pool of people, it can be easy to miss some of these flags. So be vigilant and go find your perfect match! 

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