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How Much Social Media is Too Much? When to Cut Yourself Off

Nearly all of us have jumped on the social media bandwagon and realized that it’s not just a passing fad. On the other hand, some of us are taking this to the extreme, allowing social media to become a huge part of our lives. Certain behavior patterns can be clear indicators that these platforms are taking over your days. If you find yourself doing any of these, it may be time to make some changes.

You Check Your Phone First Thing in The Morning

If you’re half asleep, but can’t wait to know what happened on Instagram while you were snoozing, you may have a problem. As this progresses, you may start postponing bedtime and having sleepless nights. Additionally, electronic gadgets such as cell phones and laptops can impact your quality of sleep. This is because the blue light emitted by them suppresses melatonin and keeps your brain alert. Ideally, you should disconnect and get off your social media platforms at least 2 hours before bedtime. Keep your phone away from your bed and if possible, and switch it off before going to sleep.

Social Networking Platforms Have Become Your Main Communication Avenue

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are convenient ways to connect with family and friends. It couldn’t be easier to get back in touch with old friends and acquaintances you haven’t talked to for years. The problem arises when you stop making an effort to connect outside social media and end up communicating only on these platforms. There’s nothing more powerful than real life conversations and relationships. So, the next time you’re chatting with a friend, suggest meeting up for lunch or a movie.

Your Social Media Habits Are Affecting Your Productivity

When continuously used without caution, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be incredibly distracting. You’re not likely to get much work done if you’re constantly checking your feed or wondering how many likes your post is getting. Consuming social media content can be addictive, so it is necessary to keep a check on this and only access it at certain times.

Final Thoughts

If your Instagram And Twitter accounts are the first things you turn to when you’re feeling alone, or bored, it may be time to take a break. If you feel like these platforms are taking over your life, try to tame this need and find more productive ways to spend your time. It is important not to let social media define you, in order to lead a balanced, happy life.


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