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Common Mistakes That People Make on Dating Apps That Prevent Them from Finding a Partner

Because of many options and choices, not responding to hundreds of matches on dating apps is a common practice. But according to relationship experts, this common practice harms an individual looking for a partner or finding true love.

Erika Ettin is a well-known relationship expert. While speaking to Business Insider, she further spoke about what an individual does wrong on dating app profiles to find the perfect match and what he must do instead. 

According to her, some tried and tested techniques and not rules that work behind the screen. Matching Pisces and a Libra is not easy, and here lies the art of making them compatible with each other.

Ettin added, “I recommend you what has worked 99 times out of 100, 1% will always remain there, and there is nothing wrong in it.”

Most mistakes are common and happen unintentionally. Here are some of them that dating app users generally do, and should stop immediately to get the maximum out of a dating app.

1. Not Writing Much About Yourself

People do not write much about themselves on their profiles. They think it will make them look strange and unapproachable. It makes them boring and provides a reason for their potential matches to leave their profile unwatched.

No matter how attractive your picture is, if you have not written anything on your profile, it will not give a positive impression for you to others. Write some 30-40 words about yourself on dating apps; it does not take much time.

Write anything about your lifestyle, your thought process, or anything else. Writing something is better than leaving it blank.

2. Just Writing About Your Height

There is a general perception among men that women consider a man’s height over everything. It is certainly wrong. Being attractively taller is a positive factor for you, but listing only your height in your profile is not enough. Seriously speaking, is your height the only thing you want to talk about?

Some people consider height a positive feature, but that’s not the only thing that can make you attractive.

3. Too Many Pictures

A dating app lets you upload some pictures for your profile. It does not mean that you upload a number of them. It is a general tendency that people go through every photo and find the worst out of them or the one they do not like.

They dismiss your profile based on a picture that they do not like. It is better to upload four to five photos that are really good.

4. First Picture Not Showing Your Face in Particular

Your first photo should always show your face. Think of a profile picture showing someone facing a setting sun on the beach instead of facing the camera. Your first question for that picture will be, what are you doing here?

Anyone visiting your profile in a dating app is there to see you. The main concern is your appearance, and if you are sluggish in showing your face to a person interested in you, you are at the wrong place.

5. Not Posting Full Body Picture

Posting a full-body photo goes in your favor. It concludes any assumptions. It is better to not let anybody assume anything negative about you.

6. Not Posting Interesting Photos

Add a photo that gives a sense of your interest or hobby. It helps a person of similar interest to go through your profile. It will make things easier for a person looking for a profile with the same passion.

For example, if your interest is photography, post a picture of yours having a camera on or taking a photoshoot. Similarly, if you love any sport, find a photo of you playing that sport.

7. Pictures Having Other People

Dating apps allow you to post your photo and not an audio-video clip. A photo with others in it can result in misinterpretation. Nobody knows whether the other person in the photo frame is a friend or more than that.

The person interested in your profile must know who will turn on the date. You will face a definite comparison with your friend if you post a photo with a friend.

8. Uploading Pictures Having Opposite Sex People in It

If you are a man looking for a woman, you must not post photos having people of the opposite sex. The same condition applies to the other sex.

Some people interested in your profile may avoid you based on being more social than it needs to be.

Taking Precautions is a Better Option

The above list contains some of the most common mistakes that people commit on dating apps. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can upgrade your chances of getting an earlier call for a date from a match. It is a piece of advice that you must not ignore to get date calls continuously. There are possibilities that you may miss a perfect partner by avoiding a perfect profile.

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