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Rebecca Louise: Fitness YouTuber Talks Celeb Workouts, Motivation, and Slimming Foods

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If you follow fitness influencers, you most likely follow this Instagram and YouTube favorite. Rebecca Louise is known best for her rock-hard abs, her celebrity-inspired workouts, and her dog Alphie.

Want a workout inspired by Demi Lovato, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, or Miley Cyrus? She’s got it. Alongside of her killer fitness videos, she’s also known for her motivation and life videos which round out her quality fitness teachings.

Rebecca Louise gave us tips on her favorite summer foods and clued us into the questions she’s frequently asked, how she curates her messages
across her multiple platforms, and even spills about her favorite products that she keeps in her handbag.



Q&A with Rebecca Louise

You joined YouTube almost four years ago. How has your channel changed and evolved since you started?

When I first started my channel, I would film workout videos on a beach by myself with people walking by! Now I film in many different locations and have made my videos more user-friendly! I have also added in motivational videos and, most recently, vlogs!


While all of your social networks reflect your brand as a whole, do you find you teach different methods or teach different messages depending on the platform?

My philosophy is to always be authentic across my socials. While there are different followers on each network, I believe in being yourself and just being you creates the trust with your followers and fans.


Do you get asked more about nutrition or fitness on Instagram? Or do you find that people just ask how to look like you?

The best response I receive on Instagram is when I ask what workout videos my followers want to see next; the response is always a ton of awesome comments! They often ask how to improve a certain area of the body and it’s all down to 80% nutrition and 20% fitness.


You’ve developed a lot of your workouts around the bodies of celebrities. Do you find that the average person’s motivation stems from wanting to look like a celeb?

I don’t want people to think they need to look like a certain celebrity. But I do find that more people are interested in what kind of exercises celebrities are using. It is fun finding out what weird and wacky fitness regimes some people have and trying them out for yourself!


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