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How to Thrive as a Lone Wolf

Wanting to be alone often, doesn’t mean you are a loner.

Being a lone wolf is a very particular trait that comes with a very particular lifestyle. Many people might not understand why you prefer alone time as opposed to socializing with others regularly. Often, people with the traits of hypersensitivity, empathy, and introversion tend to lead lives this way. It’s easy to become a recluse but it’s also easy to thrive!

In order to thrive as a lone wolf, you have to prioritize your alone time before everything else. Social situations tend to lead to a lot of anxiety and stress and most lone wolves always wish they were at home when they are out and about. Neglecting alone time as a priority will make the lone wolf feel stifled and not true to themselves.

Often times, lone wolves get down on themselves because they feel like they don’t fit in with the majority of social butterflies surrounding them. They often feel guilty for not going out enough or for canceling plans in order to give back to themselves. However, lone wolves reach their highest potential when they are being unapologetically themselves and when they are not apologizing for it.

Although lone wolves can soar with happiness, there is also a huge tendency for them to isolate and potentially become a recluse because they are so happy and comfortable with their alone time. Because of this, exercise is essential in order for the lone wolf to not become depressed.

Last but not least, it’s important for lone wolves to break out of their comfort zone every so often to make sure they don’t shut everyone and everything out. An example of this would be making time for friends at least once a week and if that is too much, then once a month. It’s important for lone wolves to not get too comfortable and to grow by experiencing life and overcoming social obstacles.

So whether you are a lone wolf, or you know one, understand that personal time is key and it doesn’t have to hold you back.


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