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Platinum Hair: How to Know If It’s For You

Some hair colors can really be impossible to rock. It can be hard to watch everyone rocking that new trend and just accepting that it’ll never be for you. This has never been truer than in the case of platinum blonde hair. For a couple of years now, we’ve seen most celebrities go through a platinum phase, and they kill it every time. But between dreading the upkeep and fear of not pulling it off, most of us stick to watching from the sidelines. Well, no more! Instead of writing it off as an impossibility, how about we figure out once and for all if we can actually pull off platinum blonde hair. We’ve put together a few steps for you to take when determining if it can work for you. Let’s see if you can really have fun and go blonde!

Trial Before Error

The quickest and easiest way for you to know if platinum blonde is right for you is to try it without commitment. Luckily for us, wigs are all the rage nowadays. They’re all over the internet and super easy to find in trendy colors. Platinum blonde is probably the most popular wig out there; pick up an inexpensive one and try it out for the day- what have you got to lose? That way you can instantly know if it’s for you or if it’s a pass.

Analyze Your Skin Tone

The undertone of your skin can play a huge role in determining whether you can pull it off. Typically, cooler skin tones look best with platinum colors. Warm skin tones are complimented by warmer, golden hair colors. Take a look at your skin and try to determine if you have more pink/blue undertones or peachy/golden undertones. An easy way to figure out your skin tone is whether you burn when exposed to the sun or whether you get a golden tan easily. Skin that turns red tends to be cooler skin tones!

Consider The Maintenance

Going platinum blonde is hardly an in-and-out process. Now, every hair color comes with its own process of maintenance. However, many people underestimate the maintenance of platinum blonde hair. Especially if you have darker hair, this is going to take a while for you to get the right color without damaging your hair. Aside from getting there, you have to consider all the upkeep it’s going to take to keep it in top shape. Platinum blonde is no joke!

Hair Condition

Getting your hair to the level of blonde that’s platinum takes a lot of work as we’ve realized. More importantly, it takes a lot of bleach. If you have damaged or sensitive hair, the odds are that your hair is not going to respond well. Platinum blonde isn’t recommended for damaged hair types. You may get the color at the end, but you’ll also be left with fried hair. Not worth it!

Makeup Switch-up

A factor that few people consider is also the lifestyle changes. Many people that have gone platinum blonde claim that they’ve noticed their style changing to accommodate this new edgier look. Well, something that has to change is definitely your makeup. With such a drastically platinum, icy color you’re going to find that a lot of makeup you’re used to no longer works. You’ll likely need some new makeup to cater for it. Different brow products for sure, but also different toned eyeshadows and blushes. People find that blues and purples compliment platinum blonde hair, whereas red and bronzed shades can often look too harsh on the skin!


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