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Blonde Hair With Dark Roots is the Latest Hollywood Hair Color Trend

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An increasing number of celebrities are testing whether blondes have more fun RN. While they still have to report back whether this assumption is true, one thing is for sure: this hair color requires frequent salon visits. Although most celebs have a glam squad around them to ensure they always look on point, they are busy people after all. Just like us mere mortals, celebs are looking for ways to simplify their look and get away with fewer salon visits. The search for a lower maintenance blonde hair color has resulted in a major Hollywood hair color trend – blonde hair with dark roots. While it’s not a brand new hair color, it’s a chic way to make your grown-out hair look pretty. Get the ultimate inspo on the blonde hair with dark roots dye job below.

blonde hair with dark roots hollywood hair color trend
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Photo By @haileybieber/Instagram

The idea of the blonde hair with dark roots is embracing a grown-out look rather than having to visit the salon frequently to cover it up. Don’t you just love when celebrities teach us how to save time and money!?

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