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The Honey Blonde Hair Color Trend is so Pretty You’d Want to Book it in the Salon RN

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“So Kylie and Khloé thought that they were going to beat me to this hair color. I got em!” Kim Kardashian said on her Instagram Stories debuting a mesmerizing honey blonde hair color that got fans obsessed. Unlike her sisters, Kim has always been more into darker or at least cool-toned hair colors. This gorgeous warm tone that perfectly complimented her tan complexion was undoubtedly a surprising switch. Fans went nuts over the gorgeous honey blonde hair color, increasing internet searches and salon requests for this dye job in a matter of days. Scroll down at your own risk. The latest Kim Kardashian’s hair color might make you book in the salon ASAP. We gathered the prettiest honey blonde hair color ideas you can take to the salon as a reference.

honey blonde hair color trend
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Photo Source: Pinterest

In case you missed Kim Kardashian’s above mentioned Instagram stories, here is a screenshot to introduce you to the next big hair color trend. This mesmerizing warm-toned blonde sparked the honey blonde hair craze and we can’t help ourselves but share the best dye jobs we found across the internet.

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