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How to Write a Perfect Blog Post

With the growing popularity of business and personal blogs in the past years, more and more people start wondering how to start their own blog and make profits from it.

Creating a blog is an excellent idea if you are running a business, promoting specific products, striving to share your thoughts with a broad audience, or just want to start a new hobby that can turn to stable a source of income. However, what does it take to get started?

Of course, thinking of the center idea and design are the first steps. However, this is only halfway to success.

The actual success depends not so much on the topic or looks of your blog, but on the quality of the content it delivers to the audience!

How to create a perfect blog post? Composing an engaging and compelling piece can be a real challenge for some people, but there are a few solutions that can help.

First of all, you can always turn to a custom dissertation writing service for help. As a rule, such services deal with different types of content, not just academic papers, and they can create high-quality, engaging materials for you.

However, if you want to do everything yourself and master the art of writing dazzling content, this article will help you get on the right track!

Writing is an art, and writing for blogs is its separate division that requires a different approach and has specific rules. Unlike other types of content, blog posts are different because they can meet a whole range of goals at once.

Thus, a single post can have an educational purpose, but, at the same time, it can also entertain the reader and even perform a commercial or advertising function.

So how to get started if you need to write a blog post? Below you can find a step by step guide.


Everything you do should begin with careful planning, be it a summer vacation or writing a post. Therefore, your first step should include lots of brainstorming and scheduling.

It is vital to define your audience if you haven’t yet. Next, you will have to think about the topic and the general idea of your post. It has to be something you are interested in and, at the same time, relevant for your target audience.

Once you have an idea, start collecting information. At this point, be sure to use only valid and credible sources, and always check facts before publishing them.

Finally, when the topic is shaped, and you have enough sources for your future post, create an outline. Many people neglect this step, but it can be extremely helpful!

Focus on the Heading

It may seem odd that the whole step should be devoted to crafting a title. In fact, it is the heading that makes people want to read your content, so it requires careful planning as well!

Choosing the right title, remember that it will be the first thing that potential readers will see. Thus, it should spark their interest and encourage them to click and read what you have to say.

We recommend keeping it snappy and engaging. If you don’t have any ideas yet, think of a question-based heading or a relevant play on words – both techniques are time-tested and proven to be effective.


The next thing to do is to start writing. Do your best to create a logical, engaging, well-thought piece. However, do not worry if it doesn’t happen in a single session! It is okay if you need more time to make the post brilliant, so take your time and don’t forget to follow the outline.

Adding Media Files

No one wants to read a long, plain text. For many years, the Internet has been a place for entertaining, so that’s precisely what you have to do – entertain your audience!

Even a text written on a serious or complicated topic can become entertaining if you add some visuals to it. Therefore, be sure to include some neat images or videos that are relevant to the chosen topic.

Final Touches

Finally, when the text is written, it is just the right time to make some final touches to it!

First of all, carefully proofread your content to detect and fix any errors, improve its flow, add any explanations if needed, etc. At this step, you have to do your best to polish the text and make it flawless.

Top Extra Tips to Make Your Blog Post Memorable

Although the process of writing a post may appear dull at first glance, there is much more to it than it seems!

Simply pulling your ideas together, researching information, and shaping a post based on the collected data is never enough. To reach success, it is crucial to make it engaging, memorable, and eye-catchy. How to do this? The tips below will help you find the formula of a perfect blog post:

  • Keep it short and straight to the point;
  • Focus on one idea or question; the more direct the content is, the better;
  • Deliver unique content, because plagiarism can lead to many unpleasant consequences;
  • Strive to produce something valuable for your readers – pick important and relevant topics, and provide content that can make your audience’s lives better;
  • Always include images;
  • Break up the text with the help of pictures, bullet points, subheadings, and numbered lists to make it more comfortable for reading;
  • Share external links to relevant and valid resources;
  • Don’t be afraid to be your true self – including personal thoughts or ideas, as well as being funny and authentic is important and it will only do good for your blog;
  • Keep it engaging and entertaining;
  • Focus on the quality of the content and not on how many likes or shares it gets.

Final Words

Creating dazzling blog posts that capture the reader’s attention and make one want to come back and read more is not as easy as it seems. However, if you know where to start and what steps to take, the process will be less stressful and much more effective.

Hopefully, this article will help some aspiring bloggers find inspiration for their content. Follow our guidelines and tips, and you will succeed!


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