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VIVA GLAM CRUSH Dessie Mitcheson, She’s Going for Gold!

Why we all love Dessie Mitcheson, the ultimate girl next door!

One of the first things you notice about Dessie Mitcheson is that she always has a smile on her face. Day or night, she’s beaming, radiant and is somehow always in a super mood! So much so, that she instantly lifts up the energy in any room she walks into. And it’s not just that she’s a beautiful supermodel. That’s already a given. It is that she has energy for days and makes everyone feel instantly at home.

Indeed, she was even Maxim Magazine’s Hometown Hottie 2013 and she’s already walked in our VIVA GLAM Magazine Fashion Shows too! Sure, guys think she’s a hottie, that’s expected. But, what makes Dessie so very special is that girls love her too! She just has that way of being super sexy, beautiful and gorgeous, without being an affront to other women. In fact, girls want to be her BFF! That’s the magic of Dessie!

With gorgeous green eyes, a perfect figure and dark, lush hair, she’s a girl that is beautiful both inside and out, and she’s destined for big things in life. She may be totally down-to-earth, but she’s also reaching for the stars! Mark our word you heard it here first, this is not the last time you’ll hear about Dessie Mitcheson! And believe us, you’ll only want to know more!

To keep up on the latest with Dessie Mitcheson, follow her here:

Facebook: @dessie.mitcheson

Twitter: @dessie_lyn

Instagram: @ dessiemitcheson

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