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How to Handle Any New Year’s Eve Mishaps

On New Year’s Eve, people all around the country are out on the town
celebrating the new year. This means more people are on the road, more people are in public spaces, and more people are drinking. This is not the time to let down your guard. Regardless, it can be one of the most fun nights of the year which means you’re dressed to the nines in your favorite outfit, your best long-lasting makeup, and are preparing to eat delectable appetizers and cocktails all evening.

Before you head out to finish 2015 with style, we want you all to consider the “what ifs” so you start the new year safely, healthily, and with your dress in one piece.


Someone is Drinking

On a night like New Year’s Eve, stay together with your +1 and friends. The more you drink, the more likely someone can take advantage of you and spike your drink. Never let your drink out of your sight.

Before you leave your venue, make sure someone is 100% sober so they can drive. Buzzed driving is still drunk driving. When you’re on the road, drive defensively as there will be some people making unfortunate decisions and you need to protect the people in your car.

Your Ride Home Abandons You

First of all, make your first 2016 resolution to remove that person from your life. But if your ride and you make a joint decision to go home with someone or stay at the party when you want to leave, make sure you have Uber or Lyft ready to go on your phone so you can have a safe ride home.

You Have a Wardrobe Malfunction

Protect your ass-ets with fashion tape before you leave the house. Just in case your tape fails, keep back-ups or safety pins in your purse. If your purse is large enough for a stain-removing pen, bring one. Someone will be clumsy at the party and may bump into you. If it’s your feet that hurt, try to avoid the pain before you leave the house by wearing sturdier shoes for the evening or wearing inserts to protect your precious feet. If possible, bring foldable flats to keep in your purse so you can walk home in comfort.

You Don’t Have Someone to Kiss at Midnight

If you arrive to a party single, and do not have other single friends who are also going kiss-less that evening, try to seek someone out about an hour to 30 minutes before midnight. If you hit it off, suggest the idea to meet up at midnight. If you’d rather not kiss a total stranger, why not prepare to call one of your friends or family members at that time? Text them earlier in the day so when the ball drops, you can start the new year talking to one of your loved ones. The person on the other end of the line will be glad you called, too!

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