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How to Manifest Your New Year’s Resolutions

Let’s face it. Most of us have a hard time keeping our New Year’s resolutions. A big part of this could easily be because we don’t make them a part of our daily thoughts and routine. At VIVA GLAM Magazine, we are firm believers in manifesting the lives that we want. In other words, the more you focus on something, feel it, and put it out into the universe, the more likely it is to come to you. So, we see a strong importance in meditating on and working to manifest our resolutions daily.

For instance, if your goal is to lose weight (which according to Statista was a striking 45% of people in 2018), instead of just saying it and trying to work out once or twice, you really must make it a part of your life. As you meditate daily throughout the year, focus on all of your goals. Tell yourself that you will lose weight and see yourself in the body you desire. Just visualizing it daily will help you create a routine of working out, as you won’t forget it as easily. And if you can see yourself in your ideal shape in your mind, it should increase your desire to go after it. Of course, you still have to follow up and set a strict schedule and routine for working out and eating healthy but thinking on it daily will surely keep you from forgetting this resolution or getting too caught up on other things.

If you’re after a goal that is less controllable, such as landing a promotion or getting that dream role, manifesting it can help your chances. The more you see yourself achieving that goal and the more tangible it is to you, the better the chance it will come to you as you subconsciously set yourself up for success.

For those who are unsure about manifestation and the power of the mind, there are tools that can help you with your manifestation. For instance, crystal meditation is something that works hand in hand with this. However, we stumbled upon something this holiday season that is the perfect tool for your New Year’s resolutions.

Satya Jewelry is releasing the Mystical Dreams Collection on January 8th. This collection is a homage to the magical moment between sleeping and waking where dreams take flight. What a perfect way to commemorate and manifest your dreams! This collection includes two Locket Necklaces that provide a space to store a small parchment with your resolutions written on it. Now, you can carry your New Year’s resolutions with you inside the locket all year round. This way, you will have a constant reminder to help you manifest your resolutions and dreams. I think this is a charming and unique tool for anyone looking to truly accomplish their goals in 2020.

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Grab your Locket Necklace from Satya’s Mystical Dreams Collection on January 8th, and truly dedicate 2020 to making your dreams come true. It is, after all, a new DECADE! Let’s start the 20’s out at full speed, working towards our dreams to build the life we want!


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