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The Dangers of Coddling Yourself

I understand more than most how life can spiral out of control and how all you want to do is feel comforted and safe in the midst of it all. Comfort is a beautiful and wonderful thing. It’s the only thing that can essentially ease my anxiety. However, if you put yourself in only comforting situations and environments it might actually hurt you more than help you in the long run.

I know because I am speaking from personal experience. The process of growth and success is not linear. Life is a journey full of ups and downs. It is meant to be this way. I was in my natural cycle of dealing with growth and I was at the part where you hit rock bottom before coming up stronger than you were before. I live a very strict lifestyle because of my hypersensitivity. It includes a half-hour of meditation after an eight-hour work day, working out or practicing martial arts, and then rigorously working on my blog until late at night, then waking up early and doing it all again the next day. Usually when I get super emotional and mentally exhausted, I edit my routine and decide to rest and eat whatever I want instead. Now all of this is absolutely fine to do…IN HARMONY.

Once I gave myself permission to slack off, I instantly became addicted to it because it felt so good. I was doing things that made me happy and I was being ultra lazy at the same time. In my head I used the excuse that I was healing myself, but I was hindering all of that hard work I was doing in order to grow. Growth is about perseverance not giving it up and calling it “healing” but really I was just coddling myself. It is very important not to push yourself too hard but it’s also important not to give up when times get hard. I had stopped my gym routine and practicing martial arts at home and it impacted my willpower. Work days were harder to get through and my meditations became more difficult. I became weaker and my stamina in class and endurance suffered. I had slipped too far on the other side of harmony where really I excel somewhere in between pushing myself and coddling myself. If we continually make excuses for ourselves and hide from life and all of it’s challenges it makes us less prepared to handle life when it happens to us in excess. All of a sudden, life made it so that I couldn’t coddle myself anymore, I HAD to step it up and it was so jarring. If I had just lived in my natural harmony I wouldn’t have had to go through the painful experience of starting from the bottom all over again.

Learn from my experience and listen to your body when you need to. Take time to heal but always get yourself back on track.

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