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NAD IV Therapy Explained: Does It Live Up To The Hype?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme found in every cell of the body and plays a  crucial role in maintaining your metabolism, DNA repair, and overall health. However, the problem is that the NAD production is age-dependent. Therefore, the older you become, the less functional your NAD becomes. 

This is where NAD IV Therapy comes into the picture. While it is a relatively new addition to the health and wellness landscape, it is already making a splash, and rightfully so due to its myriad of benefits! 

This treatment involves injecting a powerful coenzyme directly into your bloodstream, bypassing your liver and intestinal metabolic processes, which provides you a surge of energy right away! If you’re still unsure whether NAD IV therapy is correct for you, read on. Take a look at these benefits, and you can decide if the treatment is worth the hype. 

Combats Depression

We know that serotonin is your brain’s “happy molecule” and is responsible for keeping your mood upbeat. There’s an imbalance of serotonin levels when you have depression, bipolar disorder, or even anxiety. Scientists have discovered a link between serotonin and NAD and how NAD raises serotonin levels in the brain. 

As a result, getting a NAD IV treatment can significantly relieve you from serotonin insufficiencies. However, it is best to consult your healthcare practitioner for proper guidance and accordingly proceed. 

Anti Aging Benefits 

While we all wish to find the fountain of youth, until that time comes, NAD can be your next best option- at least for skin aging concerns.

Vascular aging is how veins begin to die and restrict the amount of blood that flows around the body. Wrinkles appear when this blood flow is reduced, and your skin loses its youthful sheen. NAD IV therapy can help to prevent and even reverse these side effects. 

Aids In Weight Loss

The influence of NAD on metabolism is one of its most well-known and well-studied benefits. As we become older, our metabolism slows, resulting in a lower rate of calorie burn, leading to eventual weight gain. 

However, when you receive NAD IV therapy, your metabolism becomes more effective, which means you may burn calories faster, and your body can convert food into energy rather than fat.

Improve Brain Function & Cognitive Clarity 

NAD is active in the brain, where it acts as a vital protector of myelin, a substance responsible for lightning-fast communication between brain cells. 

As a result, NAD plays a direct role in brain cell-to-cell transmission. NAD assists you in making better decisions and provides you with the power of faster mental responses, which we all know is crucial.

Diminishing NAD can lead to problems like brain fog and other cognitive issues. NAD IV Therapy offers relief by improving and restoring the cognitive functions that diminish with age. 

Treats Addiction 

There is no doubt that letting go of any addiction is tough, but what’s even harder is dealing with the withdrawal symptoms. The road to recovery isn’t simple and, more often than not, filled with awful side effects of recovery medications. NAD comes in as a sense of relief, minimizing the withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings. It can also mend the nerves and cells that have been impacted by addiction.


NAD IV Therapy has been shown to provide various benefits, ranging from cognitive to aesthetic to metabolic. This therapy more than lives up to its promise. If you are interested in acquiring this treatment, don’t forget to talk to your GP about it.

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