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Modeling Meal Prep Before Auditions

Modeling Meal Prep and Dieting

You have been upping your weight training and your cardio. Your body is looking toned and ready for your callbacks. This is not the time to walk in hungry; you should be level-headed and focused on earning your slot.
It’s important that you provide your body with the fuel it needs; such as the necessary protein, sugars, and fat. You can’t do this on a handful of nuts and a cup of Jell-O. Modeling meal prep is super important, so don’t overlook what the pros do.

There’s no need to take in any fewer calories just because it’s fashion week. Just make sure you’re eating the
foods to keep you slim and photo-ready.

1. Juice It Up

Juicing isn’t a fad; far from it in fact. There are a ton of different approaches you could take, the most obvious being to mix your own smoothies right at home in your blender. If you want to take it a step further, try visiting a smoothie or juice bar on your way to the audition. It’s filling and it won’t affect your measurements.

2.Avocados Everywhere

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Avocados are amazing, and they have many different health benefits. For example, they’re loaded with fiber and as an indigestible plant matter, that can actually contribute to your weight loss goals. They’re also great for lowering your cholesterol levels. When it comes down to it, avocados are great for keeping your body in shape for the big modeling audition, so don’t pass them up! You can combine them with many other meals – from salads, to sandwiches, and virtually everything in between.

3. Dessert Anyone?

It can be hard to resist the urge to indulge your sweet tooth. Yet, there are a few tricks to help you get around the sugar cravings. Fruit and chocolate can be the perfect finish to a light dinner. Create a creamy parfait with dairy-free
yogurt or simply slicing your favorite treats like strawberry, mangoes, and even oranges – drizzling them in an organic dark chocolate. Remember this is something meant as a treat and to be indulged in proportion. If sweets were never your thing to start, be creative with your fruit by sprinkling your fruit salad with a seasoning mixture of salts and pepper. This can be particularly savory with watermelons! These simple sugars and salt metabolize more quickly and will provide you with the much needed muscle and brain energy. Try storing some in tupperware containers for a quick snack or lunch to encourage the additional energy boost needed to slay the auditions.

Remember the trick is to think complex carbs, avoid rich fats, and treat yourself accordingly. It is recommended that models get into the habit of eating light at the start of the day and increasing their meal load throughout. Surprisingly, you want to avoid snacks such as nuts the day of, as they sit very heavily on the digestive system and even contain fatty acids from being roasted in certain oils. Instead carry along a snack, such as hummus, avocado, or tomatoes slices. Enjoying a balanced meal
the night before a modeling audition will provide you with more than enough energy and brain power to kill the competition.

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