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Meet Mr. Mushroom! 7 Mushroom Varieties and How To Cook With Them

Are you a meat lover but health-conscious at the same time? Have you experienced feeling guilty after eating meat that you find difficult to resist? Are you looking for something that tastes like meat but also cannot damage your health?

Fret no more! It is time to know more about mushrooms that are the best substitution for meat and good for your health. Mushrooms may look a little weird considering that they belong to a fungi group, but they are a tasteful and excellent and healthy addition to many meals. So get ready to be healthy without depriving your tastebuds with these seven mushroom varieties and how to cook with them! 

Button Mushroom

Button Mushrooms are also known as white mushrooms, which are the most common and the most widely eaten among all mushrooms. This small type of mushroom goes well with so many meals, including but not limited to pizza, salads, soups, and other main dishes. They are also mild and flexible as they even taste well with different types of mushrooms.

Since button mushrooms can be eaten raw or cooked as they are sometimes tossed in salads, it is essential that you store your mushrooms well to keep them fresh and to prevent them from spoiling. Considering that mushrooms are also known to be rich in vitamins such as Vitamins B2, B9, B1, B5, and B3, proper mushroom storage is a must for you to ultimately enjoy their health benefits.

Portobello Mushroom

A good life means good health, for you can deal with life’s vicissitudes when you are of your best of health. To achieve good health, you need to choose the right food to eat. Fortunately, portobello mushrooms are exactly what you need when you want tasteful and healthy food at the same time.

Portobello mushrooms, also known as Bella mushrooms,  are Italian mushrooms that are large and dark brown. These mushrooms provide antioxidants and are vital for growth and red blood cell production. They are richly flavored and great for roasting, stuffing, grilling, and taste delicious when sauteed.

The best thing about portobello mushrooms is they can be the best substitute for burger patties, especially when you want to go vegan in your food choices. They can also go well with your pasta, tacos, and shepherd’s pie.

Shiitake Mushroom

Travel is the best way to learn about other country’s people, culture and lifestyle as we are taken by surprise of how a certain thing, plant, or food ingredient is so important to a particular country. Take, for example, shiitake mushrooms, which are very important and famous in Japan. If Italy has Portobello mushrooms, Japan has shiitake mushrooms.

Shiitake mushrooms are also known as Japanese black mushrooms that are more or less three inches wide. These mushrooms have pale to dark brown caps and fibrous stems and grow in oak, chestnut, and beech. This type of mushroom goes well with soups, casseroles, stuffing, and sauces.

They can also be eaten on their own as there are available fresh shiitake mushrooms and dried shiitake mushrooms. In Japan, they can be put together with other delicious dishes such as nabe or hot pot dishes, boiled dishes, and tempura.

Oyster Mushroom

Oyster Mushroom, also known as Pleurotte or Shellfish mushrooms,  is another Asian mushroom that is fan-shaped and has various colors such as white, light gray, or pale yellow. They are best when braised, sauteed, stir-fried, or deep-fat fried. Most of them are farm cultivated, but they can also be found on trees.

Oyster Mushrooms are also suitable for your health as they enhance the immune system, reduce cancer risk, improve metabolic health and lower cholesterol levels. You will have no problem consuming a considerable amount of these mushrooms as they have a sweet flavor but very healthy to eat.

Black Truffles

Although Black Truffles are fungi, they are closely related to mushrooms. Truffles are one of the most expensive ingredients as they are challenging to find, seasonal, perishable, and their sizes range from strawberry to apple-sized. These mushrooms are flavorful and have a good smell.

They are grated and spread over pasta or risotto and soups considering their high value. Black Truffles are also high in antioxidants and are considered a complete protein, calcium, and fiber source. They also have high antibacterial properties that can inhibit the growth of several strains of bacteria.


If you have been looking for food to eat that is both tasty and healthy, all you have to do is introduce yourself to Mr. Mushroom to go along well with so many types of foods. Mushrooms fulfill both your taste wants and taste needs. Having just known those mentioned above five different edible mushrooms and how to cook with them, get ready to invade your kitchen and get ready to live a healthy life!

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