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Have you ever wondered how supermodels and celebrities have silky, shiny hair without a hint of frizz or wave? Many of them swear by Straightening Systems, specifically the Brazilian Keratin Straightening System by Lasio! That’s right, it’s the secret (not so secret anymore) of the stars when it comes to manageable hair that is actually touchable and soft. So, we spoke to the owner, Nadine Ramos about Lasio and how her treatments literally transform your hair from frizzy to fabulous!

Nadine, The Brazilian Keratin Straightening Company, is unique in that you focus only on keratin treatments for hair. What exactly is keratin? And can you explain what the Brazilian Keratin Treatment is and how your hair benefits from this service?

My Company is Lasio, Inc., a professional hair care company that focuses on bringing healthy hair to our clients by using keratin treatments. Keratin is a natural protein that deposits moisture into the hair to restore, repair and strengthen every strand. Our Lasio keratin treatments are uniquely formulated with natural keratin and ingredients such as coconut oils, cacao oils, and aloe vera. These will give you smooth and frizz-free hair for up to 4 months.

When you first began your company, how did you start out? And how did you discover the miraculous effects keratin had on hair?

I began my company in 2000. I went on a quest to Brazil to find the latest and greatest in hair care. After two weeks of travel, I found a wonderful product that smoothed out the hair while eliminating frizz. I brought the product back into the States. Then, I worked closely with a chemist for several years to re-formulate a life changing, user-friendly quality product.

What should one expect from their first keratin straightening experience? And how long does this last on hair?

 You can expect healthy hair in just 90 minutes! Our treatments are water-based which allows for an easy application. We currently have four different treatments to cater to ALL hair types.

This process is intended to straighten hair. Are you still able to curl your hair after if you want to?

Lasio Keratin Treatments are a smoothing treatment intended to reduce the curl pattern in the hair, while eliminating 100% of the frizz. Our Keratin Tropic is perfect for the woman who loves her curl but hates her frizz. You can still keep your curl with this formula.

What steps did you take to make certain your products would be the most effective and safest on the market? Are they organic and cruelty-free?

Partnering with a reputable chemist and regulatory team is critical to developing and launching quality and safe products. Our products are not organic, but they are cruelty-free.

After you receive a Brazilian Keratin Treatment, what do you recommend to maintain that silky look?

After a Lasio Keratin Treatment, You must refrain from using any products that contain sodium chloride. This particular ingredient weakens the formula. We have developed a keratin infused aftercare line called Hypersilk to compliment our keratin treatments. Hypersilk consists of daily shampoos and conditioners, styling products and heat protectants.

We consider you a role model for all women. As an entrepreneur, were there any hurdles or obstacles you had to overcome while starting your business?

Thank you so much! Yes, there were and still are obstacles that arise in business. When starting Lasio, I had no experience in business period.
Not to mention running a major manufacturing plant and hair salons at the same time. I had to learn the operations of all aspects of the businesses from production lines to running my salons. It was hard juggling everything at once, but it was even harder finding good people to trust with running and growing my business. Once I had a solid team, things started to fall into place and the company began to grow rapidly.

Who has been the greatest influence on you so far in your life? And why?

My Mom. She is no longer with us, but she will always remain my biggest influencer. She taught me to be strong (and in business, you MUST be strong) and honest. I model her life lessons of never giving up and always standing for what I believe in.

Nadine, you are a businesswoman, wife and mother to your son, Oliver. How do you manage to juggle all three titles at the same time? And do you believe that the modern woman today can truly have it all? If so, do you feel like you had to sacrifice anything to achieve this? And if so, what was it?

Girl!!! It’s the hardest thing to do EVER! LOL but all things are possible once you put your mind to it. To be 100% transparent, something will always have to be sacrificed in my situation. Whether it is my business because my son needs my undivided attention or my son, Oliver, because he does not get to spend enough time with mommy before bedtime.

My goal is to always make up to both someway or somehow. I sometimes will work days in solitude and make up for the lost time at Lasio or I will turn my phone and computer off to spend quality and beautiful time with my boy. At the end of the day, it works for me and has been a good balance in my life to work it in this way.

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