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Essential Items to Pack to Travel Like a Supermodel

There is no better feeling than that restlessness and anxiety that comes with planning a trip. From setting aside the date, making the reservations, thinking about the suitcase and what outfits you’re going to pack to scheduling the activities for each day. Undoubtedly, this is one of the greatest pleasures, but it is also a challenge for any fashionista. What should you bring? How many outfits should you pack? One for the day, another for the night and one in case a spontaneous event comes around… And so starts the chaos.

Avoid problems and enjoy the art of traveling with these infallible tips from a true expert. Karlie Kloss not only knows how to look impeccable at all times, but with her multiple commitments around the world, she’s the best guide. So watch her instagram, read these tips, and get inspired.

Basic “Fun” Items

Camera + headphones + book = unequivocal formula. Three objects that you cannot leave behind no matter where you go. These basic items will keep you amused throughout the longest travel days. Plus, they’ll make you look prepared.

Essential Wardrobe Items

Wearing a pair of tennis shoes will be your safety net for any activity that may arise; besides, these shoes are great options to walk long distances in. Be sure to include clothing items that are easy and comfortable, too. This includes tank tops, tee shirts, sweat pants, and jeans.


The best recipe for not carrying more that you’ll need: take exact note of each look. What clothes go together, what accessories accompany them and the corresponding shoes. Keep this list with you as you travel. It will prevent you from wearing clothes that you will not use and also you will not lose time when getting ready. Don’t forget to arrange your outfits in your suitcase. It will help you keep everything tidy.


A trip is the perfect time to take advantage of your social networks and share your adventure with all your followers. Be sure to bring your phone with the latest apps updated, whether you prefer snapchat, Insta, or TikTok.

Shoes that Go with Everything

You do not need to wear a pair of shoes for each day, you can pack some that will go with everything and thus, save space and avoid loading unnecessary things.


You never know how long you are going to be walking or if there will be restaurants, so do not leave without having the most important meal of the day. And pack snacks for your journey in case you are unable to find food.

Travel Documents

Choose a destination that’ll suit your tastes and the mood you are looking for. Are you in the mood to visit a magical town? A desert island? A cosmopolitan adventure? Go online and search for the perfect place for an unforgettable trip. Be sure to bring all of your travel documents with you, including any itineraries, pre-booked tickets, visas, and passports.


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