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For other beginner entrepreneurs, do you have any words of advice regarding starting up a business of their own?

Absolutely! Write your goals down and stick to them. As young business owners, we want to see our business thrive and with that comes ideas after ideas to entertain in hopes of gaining success. Stay focused on your goal. Re-group and track your goals monthly. Do not always share your goals with everyone. Remain protective with your goals because they will turn into strong assets.

It is important to have time alone to focus and spiritually regroup.
How do you find time for yourself? And what do you choose to do during this time?

Sunday is my day to rest. I am a part of a church community that helps me to rejuvenate my soul. I incorporate my Christianity into my daily life and that is where my strength and true happiness stems from.

To get more on the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, visit the websites:

Keratin Lounge

39 West 38th Street, 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10018


Instagram @lasioprofessional

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