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Food You Can Grow in Your Backyard This Summer

There’s nothing quite as fun as growing your own garden, which you probably know if you’re here. Creating the garden is one thing, but knowing what to plant? Well, that’ another matter entirely. That being said, we’re going to cover a few foods that you should absolutely be growing in your home garden this summer. Remember, growing your own food is not only a great way to save money, it’s also a great way to pass the time.

Growing Beans

Beans are perhaps the most basic food item you can grow in your garden. There are many different types, but in the warm weather, most people will grow snap peas. Choose the type that you’ll like the best, and designate a section in your garden – it’s one investment you’re not going to regret.

Corn -On the Cob or Otherwise

If you have a garden and you’re not growing corn in the summer, we don’t know what you’re doing. Imagine it: corn the cob, roasted on the grill served on a platter to all of your backyard party guests. Corn does great in areas that experience hot summers, but there are types that can mature early in colder environments.

Cucumbers – Crisp and Cool

It’s hard for us to list off all of the reasons you would want to grow cucumbers in your backyard garden. Suffice to say, there are many reasons, whether you want to pickle them, make cucumber bread, or slice them up for a salad .¨ if you have a backyard garden, you’re going to need these, because there is nothing greater than biting into a nice, crisp, cool cucumber on a hot summer day.

Melons – The Fruit you Can’t Forget

You can’t forget melons when you’re building a backyard garden- you simply can’t. Cantaloupes are the easiest to grow because they ripen quickly, however, there.≤s nothing wrong with springing for a watermelon if you want to put in the extra work.

All Kinds of Peppers!

There’s not just one kind of pepper -there are a ton, all in different colors, shapes, sizes, and even levels of intensity. Bright yellow, purple, green, mild hot, the choices are limitless. They’re a great way to spice up your meal whether it’s a garden salad or a fancy stir fry.


Honestly, almost everyone has grown tomatoes at some point or another. They’re a home-garden favorite, and there are many different varieties to choose from. You can go for the typical large round ones or the tiny cherry tomatoes. The cool thing about these is that they don’t necessarily have to take up a ton of space as they can grow on a vine, often attached to a lattice.

Growing food in your backyard is simple; find the foods you want, create an environment for them, and enjoy your summertime munchies.


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