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Despina Mirou: “The extraordinary talented actress after her film with Ridley Scott hit the OSCARS in 2022”

Despina can be called a true genius, in the footsteps of Hedy Lamarr, also because of her passion for science, Astronomy in particular. She is a very attractive and talented actress, with the effect of a magnet. If one meets her she looks like a movie star from another era: she is devastatingly beautiful, as an exotic goddess, and clearly quite bright too! She has the sex appeal of Marilyn Monroe: when she looks at you passionately with her cat-like eyes she also projects guts like Melina Mercouri. 

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With Ridley Scott

She made her debut in American cinema when Peter Bogdanovich discovered her, and she played in his film “The Cat’s Meow”, next to Eddie Izzard, Kirsten Dunst and Jennifer Tilly. Beforehand, she already made some European films where she played next to Catherine Deneuve and John Cleese. In 2022 she has seven new films in the works, alongside Faye Dunaway, Darryl Hannah and Michael Madsen. Until now the spirited actress received 43 awards as actress, writer, stand-up comedian, and even astronomer! She also appeared in the comedy series “On My Block” on NETFLIX, and in the HBO show “Show Me a Hero”. On July 17, 2021 she made the most spectacular red-carpet appearance at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, playing Sophia Loren‘s character. But her amazing epic career continued throughout the pandemic, because she worked with two legendary directors: Ridley Scott and David Cronenberg. During the same period, she opened the Pink Floyd exhibition at the Vogue theater at the end of last year. She literally stole the show!

Ms. Mirou, your new film “Tango Shalom”, chosen by the 94th Academy Awards, the Oscars in 2022, hit the box office even through the pandemic, and received many awards! You played alongside Lainie Kazanand Renée Taylor: you showed you are a truly brilliant screen actress! How did such experience make you feel?

It was a big honor for me that the Oscars’ Academy chose our film, which also made me a member! I was so excited! Also, I was very happy when Al Pacino, my acting teacher, came on stage with Coppola and De Niro for “The Godfather” anniversary! What a magic time that was! When I worked with Lainie Kazan and Renée Taylor for the comedy film Tango Shalom, I had a great time on set. We shared a lot of laughter during filming. My new American comedy film “Tango Shalom” was bought by a big distribution company, Vision Films and was produced by Joel Zwick (the maker/director of My Big Fat Greek Wedding), directed by Gabriel Bologna, and written by Joseph Bologna, with Zizi Bologna as film score composer/music supervisor/producer. It has an impressive cast with Oscar nominee and Emmy winner Renée Taylor, Golden Globe nominee Lainie Kazan (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Karina Smirnoff, the Laniado brothers, Hamza Zaman, and Bob Greenberg. The film “Tango Shalom” is playing now in many cinemas nationwide. The project has also received 14 festival awards globally, from the Toronto to the India film Festival! Also, when I was in NY doing stand-up comedy, I saw Renée three times on Broadway in the play “My Life on a Diet”: it was a true lesson in acting for young comedians.

Ms. Mirou, you co-direct & played in “Life in A Day”, produced by Ridley Scott, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in February 2021 and was nominated for both the BAFTA & Oscars awards! Your reactions?

I was thrilled when Ridley Scott chose me for his new film, as you can imagine, both as an actress and a co-director, which was my directing debut! 

They chose me from 424,000 videos, from 196 countries. I spent 24 hours shooting the lines, and I sent to them 75 videos, where I played as myself, while I also impersonated Ozzy Osbourne, Freddie Mercury, Elton John, etc. Our Premiere was at the “Sundance Film Festival”! I want to say a huge thank you to Sir. Ridley Scott, because he is a drama director who honored my abilities in comedy!

You “Shine like a diamond” next to the legendary Pink Floyd exhibition! So many years that you have worked with these legends, how lucky are you? 

What a gift it has been! I’m quite lucky and I must have a good destiny! I am thrilled that I continue my collaboration with PINK FLOYD members, the legendary band that invited me to do the opening, in their exhibition in Hollywood! There were lots of VIP’s, it was a huge exhibition with everything Pink Floyd used in their career and in their concerts! I felt so excited. A few years ago, I was the MC for the Pink Floyd’s concert! I had the honor to introduce on stage members of the Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Toto, Jane’s Addiction, like Scott Page, Stephen Perkins! It is by far the most amazing work of my life! They discovered me in Johnny Depp’s club “Viper Room” when I was doing stand-up.  After I MC’d for them, I brought on the stage those legendary musicians! The audience was screaming! Plus the amazing psychedelic atmosphere, created by the leaders, added to such a dream!  

Ms. Mirou, like a Greek Goddess, you returned to the Cannes Film Festival to play, in a new British film, one of the most iconic actresses in Hollywood: Sophia Loren. And you left the audience speechless! Pedro Almodóvar adored you at once. How about it?

I had such an amazing feeling when the casting director Suzanne Kendal chose me to play Sophia Loren, after many castings! I transformed myself into Sophia’s character in a new remake of “Boy on the Dolphin”! I felt so lucky for that night when I met the famous Director Pedro Almodóvar on the red carpet, and we had a long conversation. He is so sweet and a genius! I say a huge Thank you! to the famous Spanish Director because his films are about women! It’s like he’s honoring women globally! When I asked him why he told me: “Because I loved and adored my mother!” So, I adore him as well! He’s unique & a real genius!

Ms. Mirou, what are you working on now?

I am quite excited because both “Tango Shalom” and my new David Cronenberg’s “Crimes of the Future” film will soon be nominated at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival! It was such an amazing experience to work in a Cronenberg film! After Ridley Scott, he was always on my short list of the best directors I wanted to work with! What a brilliant director, and humble and sweet as well, on the set. Viggo Mortensen and the rest of the cast were incredible! I feel honored to have been part of it!

I just finished the film “Despina’s Boulevard”, with my Director is Siegle Clinton, and we won 4 Awards! He trusted me to play a very classy, kind “Pin-up” girl from the 60’s: I had the opportunity to drive a car for the first time in my life in a film! 

I made a TV commercial in Amsterdam, where I am impersonating Marylin Monroe! 

I just finished another film in NYC, “Duke of New York”, with my Director Eric Rivas, an amazing new film with John Musto & Angel Salazar.

I already published my new “Comedy Iconic Stars Calendar 2022”, where I’m impersonating Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe, Joan Crawford, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, and 12 more stars.

I’m about to publish a novel book and a scientific book about Astronomy.

I’m waiting for my new drama film, “The American Connection, directed by the outstanding Jeff Espanol to come out. I find this film to be the best dramatic role I’ve had in an American production. I play a nun, I’m on screen next to the living legend that is Faye Dunaway, as well as the amazing Daryl Hannah.

You made your debut in a Peter Bogdanovich film: he discovered you, he was your mentor! This legendary Director died just a few months ago. How do you feel about it? 

You cannot imagine the pain in my soul for such a loss! I also feel very lucky and blessed that he was my first cinema Director! By the same time, I know now that now he’s in Paradise with Orson Wells and Buster Keaton, both of whom he admired so much! He was the first director who came to Greece to ask me to go to Hollywood! Then I was only 18 and I didn’t speak any English! He put me next to Edward Herrmann and Eddie Izzard. Later I recognized what he offered in cinema globally! A true Maestro, generous, unique artist and human being! I ran into him at the San Francisco Film Festival in 2018: he was very happy that finally I moved to the U.S., and that I made my career in stand-up, while at the same time we laughed so hard! He did amazing impersonations, so that night I talked to him like Joan Crawford and he answered me back as Bette Davis. Same year, I played a crazy policewoman in a Canadian film, and Antonia Bogdanovich, his daughter, played in it too. We started a close friendly relationship: I love her like my sister. I felt astrong Karmic relationship between Antonia and her father: she is talented like her father!

You are a very spiritual actress with a high IQ. Looking at your astronomy research and at your acting, you are a unique kind of actress and a scientist too. How do you feel about both? 

I finished my studies in “Planetary Astronomy”, and “S.E.T.I., Live in Universe”. I started publishing my scientific articles in, and I had amazing professors. Astronomy is a huge science… like the Universe itself LOL! Astronomy changed my theory about life. Now I look for spiritual and intellectual pleasure in my life. I don’t allow my body and desires to control me! No! I practice meditation, and my characteristic is my huge FAITH! After an experience of awakening, I realized what real life is. 90% of people try hard for material possessions, looking for and working on their “outside” only, expensive cars, villas, etc., and many of them end up in depression! They equate the value of their soul and spirit to the likes of an expensive home. No, too many of us are up to such an illusion. Unfortunately, 90% of people think in such a way. My soul and spirit cost a trillion, and I will never sell them, this is what I give to my children: my values. You are already rich if you are spiritually awake!

You transform yourself in so many characters, that the American audience is in shock. Especially live in the comedy clubs! You are a female Jim Carrey version! You also play male characters: A real chameleon! How can you accomplish such a performance miracle?

This is my point; to transform myself into any character! In Greece they called me sex symbol, bombshell, etc., Throughout the years I proved that this was in their mind, so I decided to play male characters too, even though I am straight. Jim Carrey is deep in my heart, especially the last few years because he recognized what real life is. I’m in love with his spirit, his soul, and of course his talent! He is a huge inspiration for me. I am an eccentric, but a very free spirit! I can’t accept that LGBT people feel shame to say “Yes, I am gay, or lesbian”, in 2022! As human beings we all have two sides: male and female! Simple as that.

Nobody should be allowed to criticize what side you like: I support LGBT with all my heart!

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