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Hollywood Loves Despina

The stunning and voluptuous Despina Mirou, known as the “Greek Goddess”, is Hollywood’s new favorite actress! We met Despina when she was on her way up to stardom. Now, she is at the top of her game, in demand in the US and Europe. With phenomenal performances in legendary comedy clubs, such as the world-famous Comedy Store and the Laugh Factory, and her recent award win as “The Audience Favorite Comedian “, this comedy star is easily becoming the new Lucille Ball or Carol Burnett. This marvelous actress has starred in seven films including countless dramas, comedies, an action film with Faye Dunaway, two made-for-TV films on Amazon, Lifetime movies, and weekly standup comedy shows.

IMDB lists this funny sex-symbol as “the sexiest actress”. Aside from being an amazing comedian, she is a talented writer. When she appears on stage, she delivers her standup content with a sharp, intelligent wit and a great sense of humor. Her followers wait with excitement to see her next show! We sat down with Despina to discuss her thriving career.

Despina, you are known for both your unique sense of humor and your Mediterranean beauty. What a great mix! From what I understand, you incorporate those into your routines. Tell us your process for working your stand-up routines.

I have a Mediterranean energy on stage! I ‘m a punch-liner standup comedian and story teller, too. I tell both stories and jokes at the same time. Sometimes, as a writer, I am bored when stories are not funny or interesting. I am very collective with my material, and I am a perfectionist. My favorite punch liner is Mitch Hedberg. I also like Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, and Bernie Mac, so I spend many hours watching and researching how they deliver their jokes. Delivery is very important. I also draw a lot of my inspiration from real life.

We saw you perform in clubs such as the Laugh Factory and The Comedy Store. Your Joan Crawford, Lucille Ball, and Kim Kardashian impressions were hysterical. Are there any new faces you plan to incorporate into your upcoming shows?

I love to impersonate Joan Crawford! And there are many more impersonations coming soon. Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga, Katie Perry. I really enjoy impersonating them in comedy clubs.

What media of work do you prefer to work in: television, film, stand up, or theatre?

I love doing theatre, as I am a theatrical actress. I have done theatre for many years. I love to smell the wood of the stage. I like to play opposite characters and to jump from drama to comedy! But I really care about quality. Quality matters more than the media to me

How was it acting against Al Pacino?

I was so enthusiastic about it, and I am extremely grateful for the experience. Al Pacino has always been one of my favorite actors. What an honor learning so many important acting lessons from a master like him! He taught us many important secrets about dramatic performances!

You have received 4 awards. Tell us about that!

When I was 13 and 14 years old, I received two writing awards. One was
‘Poetry Diploma,’ and the other was ‘Best Novel Award.’ You see, I love writing, and I’ve been writing ever since I was a child. In 2012, I had the honor of receiving an award from the US Congress for “Excellence in Innovations” for my speech about women in global history. And, some months ago in Los Angeles, I received the award of “Audience Favorite Comedian”!

What advice would you give to actors just starting out in the business?

Love what you do, always prepare, and follow your instinct.

You are now on Amazon with the “Vab Bikes”.
How exciting is that?

I feel very proud of this film! Amazon hosts fantastic tv programming. I love the character of Queen Fellini! She is a witch who tortured the hero of the film. My director, Eric Rivas is a charismatic genius! We shot this in New York with a great team.

You were in the made-for-tv drama, “A Mother’s Sacrifice” on Lifetime. That must have been quite the contrast from “Vab Bikes.”

Yes! I love doing different types of film. The films I choose to act in are always challenging with good character transformation. This is a psychological family drama, and I play Liz! Liz is a good, sensitive, supporting girl who is trying to stay strong and help her friend. The director of this piece is the amazing Trey Haley.

What new films of yours are set for release in 2018 or 2019? What’s next in your plans?

I just wrapped an American-Canadian comedy film called “The Light Touch.” It was directed by Bob MacLean. I truly loved playing Gina’s character in the film. She is a crazy policewoman. The film reminds me of “The Pink Panther” with Peter Sellers. I am also in the comedy film “Nurses Do it Better” directed by Stephen Pacheco. It is a dark comedy about the healthcare system.

I am currently working on a film called, “Gleichschaltung”, which is a war drama directed by Patrick Kilpatrick, and I play the character Judith. I am also working on the action and drama film “American Connection” by Jeff Espanol with Faye Dunaway, Michael Madsen, and Daryl Hannah. In that piece, I play the spy-nun named Despina. (The director changed the character’s name to my real name.) I have fallen in love with that character. I also just finished shooting the dark comedy film, “The Proposal” directed
by Danny Buonsanto. In that film, I played the character Athena. The comedy film “Tango Shalom”,
written by Joseph Bologna and directed by the genius Gabriel Bologna, is coming out in 2019. I played Susan Sussman, a very religious Jewish girl who constantly gossips, in that movie. I also have a lot of standup comedy in the premiere comedy clubs of Los Angeles coming up. So stay tuned!

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