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The Dangers of Waist Training

There’s been a lot of hype around waist training lately, with celebrities like the Kardashians swearing by it. It refers to the practice of constricting the waist using a tight garment such as a corset. The idea behind waist training is that doing this for over a period will help reduce the size of your waistline. However, many in the medical community advise against using waist trainers due to the possible risks associated with them. Here are some of the risks related to waist training you should be aware of before deciding to go ahead with this practice.

Acid reflux

Acid reflux is a painful, chronic condition that is caused when bile or stomach acid flows up into the food pipe, irritating the lining. Waist trainers compress your midsection and push your stomach up higher, leading to indigestion and heartburn. This can bring about the pain and discomfort associated with acid reflux. Recurring acid reflux can lead to more severe health issues and cause permanent damage by affecting the esophagus.


As the trainer compresses your body, you may be left with bruising caused by your bones. Unlike regular bruises, contusions caused by bones are much more long lasting and significantly more painful. Waist trainers are particularly harmful when used by children and teenagers whose bones have not fully formed yet. Waist trainers could affect the development of their bone structure and lead to lifelong health issues.

Organ Damage

Long-term corset usage could misplace your organs and cause permanent damage. Waist trainers place unwanted, added pressure on your midsection, restricting the flow of oxygen and blood to vital organs. Constricting your abdominal organs such as your kidneys, liver, and intestine can prevent them from functioning optimally.

Also, since the organs are pushed upwards, lung capacity is reduced. The excessive tightness caused by wearing a waist trainer makes breathing freely difficult and may even cause you to pass out.

Final Thoughts

Waist trainers can make you look slimmer when you wear them, but may not have a lasting, long-term effect on your waist size. They can cause severe discomfort and even lead to a number of serious health risks. If you’re looking to get a tighter core and abs, your best bet is to define your stomach muscles by performing exercises like crunches and planks. The dangers of using waist trainers certainly outweigh the benefits, and they are not a quick fix to fitness.


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