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Diamonds Are Forever and So is Love

If there’s one thing every human being loves, it’s the special experience of receiving a gift. It doesn’t matter how big, small, expected, or unexpected the gift is.

What matters is the idea of being cherished and appreciated enough to be given a gift. Jewelry is one of the most popular forms of gifts given all over the world.

Jewels aren’t only precious and pretty but are pricey too. Giving your loved one a jewelry gift shows that you really value their friendship and companionship. It’s a way of saying that just as diamonds are forever so is your love for the special person.

Here are a few of the many reasons why jewelry pieces make the perfect gift:

Jewelry is Special. It’s Not Something You Frequently Gift Yourself

If you’re like most people then you usually gift yourself with something special once in a while such as a new pair of shoes, clothing, cell phone, or a bag but rarely jewelry.

Unless you’re very well off or have an obsession with jewelry, you hardly spend a lot on precious jewelry items.

In most cases, jewelry is gifted to you by someone special who values your friendship and companionship, such as your spouse. The fact that jewelry isn’t an everyday gift makes it unique and exciting.

Jewelry Has Sentimental Value

You can give someone anything as a gift but you can’t deny the fact that jewelry has more sentimental value than all other gifts combined.

When you gift your wife a beautiful set of 2-carat diamond stud earrings from Best Brilliance jewelry, she won’t only wear it with pride but guard the earrings with her life because of their sentimental value.

There are many reasons why jewelry holds much sentimental value. It’s probably because some jewelry items represent a monumental occasion in one’s life such as an engagement, wedding, anniversary, birthday, or graduation.

The value can also be attributed to the fact that the person giving the gift spent a good deal of time and money to find the perfect piece that you would truly appreciate.

Jewel Items Are Timeless

Just like diamonds are forever, jewelry is timeless too.

Clothes wear out or get out of fashion, electronic items are fast replaced by newer versions, and cars get old but jewelry items such as the necklace collection at Best Brilliance jewelry will never become irrelevant or out of fashion. Jewelry gifts are special because they are as timeless as love itself.

A jewelry piece can be a gift today and an heirloom later in life. The item is yours when you receive it as a gift but you can never discard it.

You can only pass it on to another person as an heirloom. Jewelry can be worn for decades by different but closely related people. Some pieces even increase in value as they pass from one person to another.


Best Brilliance has a huge collection of perfect jewelry gifts for all occasions on their jewelry and Moissanite sections. Their jewelry collection comes in a wide range of styles, shapes, and price points.

A few examples include the pricey but equally elegant pair of Allen Earrings which are actually 2-carat diamond stud earrings, the Iris Fashion 0.42-carat diamond ring, the Dorothy 1-carat Bezel style pendant necklace, and budget options such as the Letter B Fashion bracelet that comes with diamonds and 14K white gold.

Best Brilliance moissanite rings are equally impressive. Lab-created moissanite jewel items are engineered to look exactly like real diamonds but are physically and chemically different.

Best Brilliance has a super-quality moissanite and diamond collection featuring items such as the Alison Moissanite & Diamond Ring, the Maria Moissanite & Diamond ring, and the Andrea Moissanite & Diamond Ring.

Whether you choose a real diamond or moissanite jewelry item, you can be sure that your special gift will surely be appreciated. After all, diamonds are forever and so is love. 

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