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Exercises that Promote Stronger Bones

Having a sedentary lifestyle can lead to various health problems, including osteoporosis or weak bones. For this reason, experts recommend including various fitness programs to your weekly schedule. But, what types of activities should you do if your main goal is to improve your bone’s health? You can try these exercises for stronger bones.


A lot of people run or jog to shed some extra pounds. But, did you know that this fitness activity can help improve your bone’s health? This is due to the constant heel strikes that occur when you’re running. Keep in mind that, like muscles, our bones become stronger when exposed to stress or pressure. The best part is that you can get other benefits from these exercises. Remember, jogging can also strengthen your heart, uplift your mood, and increase your stamina. But, if you want something brief yet more vigorous or intense, you can also try sprinting to get these numerous health perks.


If you’re not an avid fan of jogging, there is a less strenuous activity you can try. In fact, one of the most common and well-liked exercises for stronger bones is brisk walking. This is especially true for elders who want to get the various health benefits of cardio workouts in a gentle or less aggressive approach.

In addition to brisk walking, hiking is another excellent activity you can do. Aside from reducing stress and boredom, the uphill and downhill trails you’ll take when hiking can give more impact to your bones, especially the hips.


If you prefer group activities, dancing is the bone-strengthening exercise for you. Aside from increasing your bone density, this aerobic activity can also boost your mood and promote a healthy heart.

As of today, there are various dance fitness classes you can try aside from ballroom dancing. A popular program is Zumba, which involves performing fast and slow movements along with an upbeat Latin music. Another great class is the barre workout, a ballet-inspired fitness program that combines Pilates, yoga, and functional training.


Today, one of the best and most effective exercises for stronger bones is strength training. In fact, to stimulate muscle and bone growth, experts recommend doing resistance exercises at least twice a week- whether it’s using machines, doing body-weight exercises or lifting a set of free weights.


Like sprinting, other high-intensity exercises are gaining popularity around the world due to its effectiveness in muscle-building and fat loss. But, these types of activities can also strengthen your bones. Keep in mind that most high-intensity workouts involve weight-bearing movements such as hopping and jumping.

According to a study, when post-menopausal women were doing jumping exercises, the researchers noticed an improvement in their knee cartilage and bone strength.

If you don’t have enough time to complete a full high-intensity workout, doing jumping jacks is already beneficial for your bones.


Aside from those activities, yoga is another workout program you can try. While this activity may seem less strenuous compared to the other exercises for stronger bones in this list, one study revealed that yoga practitioners have an increased bone density specifically in the wrists, hip, and spine .¨ bones that are prone to fractures. The best part is that yoga will also improve your balance and flexibility, which may help prevent falls, accident, or injuries.


The last in this list is perfect for those who want to build sturdy bones in a slow and graceful manner. As you know, tai chi is a Chinese practice to achieve inner peace while meditating in motion. But, there’s more. According to a study, this anti-stress activity may also help maintain bone density, increase muscular strength, and reduce the occurrence of falls or accidents.

Overall, these exercises for stronger bones can help prevent osteoporosis. However, doing regular workouts is only one part of the equation. Proper nutrition and opting for healthy lifestyle habits are also essential to build a healthy skeletal system.


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