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Best Fall 2021 Lipstick Shades for Redheads

Finding the right lipstick shade that matches your skin tone and hair color is essential. Remember, the right shade will not only complement your look. It will also give you a natural glow. Unfortunately, some lipstick shades will clash with red or auburn tresses. So, what are the best fall 2021 lipstick shades for redheads?


Keep in mind that lipsticks with an orange shade may contrast with red hair. As such, it is best to avoid this lipstick shade. Instead, you can opt for nude or brown-based lipsticks. Remember, nude lips can intensify your hair color, making you look stunning. The great thing about nude lipsticks is that they are great for everyday wear, especially if you want a natural look.

When picking lipsticks with brown shades, it is best to opt for lighter shades. This is especially true if you’re a redhead with pale skin. Remember, lipsticks with extremely dark shades may not work well for redheads with fair skin. So, if you want something darker for a night out, you can try cinnamon brown.


Some people think that pink and red may clash if worn together; however, pink is one of the best fall 2021 lipstick shades for redheads. The result of this pair is actually beautiful, especially in the form of hair and makeup.

Keep in mind that not all pink lipsticks will complement your auburn tresses. Most experts recommended that redheads choose sheerer or softer shades of pink. Additionally, when wearing pink lipstick, you should also make sure that your blush and lipstick shade should coordinate with each other. That way, you can avoid too many colors competing with each other.


A lot of redheads believe that wearing something red is not ideal; however, that is not the case. In fact, women with red tresses can wear red lipstick, and it will make them look hot and stunning.

When picking red lipstick, experts recommend that you pick a shade brighter than your hair color. By doing this, you can avoid making your face a bit washed out. Brick red is a highly recommended shade for most redheads because it can flatter their hair color and skin tone.

Final Thoughts

All in all, these are some of the best fall 2021 lipstick shades for redheads. If you’re undecided on which shade to pick, you can always do the bare-faced test first. An excellent lipstick shade will flatter and brighten up your face when you’re not wearing other cosmetics.


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