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Nine Ways to Energize Your Glam Game With Pink Lipstick

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As one of the most popular colors, pink has gotten its way pretty much everywhere, from our wardrobes and makeup collections to home decor. For whatever reason you choose it – the pink palette always delivers. For those who haven’t indulged in this color since their childhood, painting your lips pink it’s a great way to start. Spice up any look with pink lipstick for a Barbie vibe. Here are some great ideas to get you inspired and take your glam game to the next level.

energize your glam game with pink lipstick
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Photo By @gordgeorge/Instagram

Opt for a gorgeous monochromatic pink look and get ready for extra attention on any occasion. The ombre pink lip and matching cut crease eyes will show off your inner diva and enhance your natural beauty. You can further add a few gems as sparkly details.

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