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Is Your Red Lipstick Aging You?

Red lipstick has always been a woman’s weapon of choice. It is really the LBD of the makeup world. When all else fails, a red lip will complete any look and instantly take you to full glam. It’s understandable then that we all shuddered when people started pointing out that red lipstick can age you. Come again?!

Is Your Red Lipstick Aging You?

Here at VIVA Glam we are clearly all about the glam, and the last thing we want to do is put an age limit to it. You constantly hear that certain fashion or beauty trends aren’t age appropriate the older you get. Well, we say you can rock whatever you want…That is, until you realize it’s making you look a lot older than you are.

That’s why we had to give the question of red lipstick a second glance. Sure, we love a good red lip for any and all events. But do we love it enough to rock it even if it’s not flattering us? A red lip is a miracle worker in its ability to elevate any look and leave you looking classic glam, but if it’s having the opposite effect then we’re willing to let it go.

The older we get, the less makeup we can get away with. Sure, you can cake it on but it’s only going to hurt you. We wear makeup to emphasize and accentuate our favorite features and to leave us looking more youthful and flawless. Once it stops having its desired effect, it’s time to step back. That’s why maturer skin is best suited to tinted moisturizers rather than a full on heavy foundation, and that’s why a natural glossy lip is better than a red lipstick.

But, but, but How?

As heartbreaking as it is, bolder lip colors can leave you looking a lot older than you are. Think about it. When we’re younger, we put on a red lip when we want to look mature and full classic glam. It’s hardly a look we turn to when we want to look fresh and youthful. Bright and bold colors just look too harsh on mature faces, and they can strip away quite a few years off your look.

But How Can I Still Incorporate Red?

It’s a little harsh to strip away an entire color from an entire age group. Especially if you’ve spent your entire life donning your signature red. Well, there are a few ways you can still go for a red lipstick without letting it age you.

The formula itself is the best way to ensure your red doesn’t age you. Matte and dry formulas are only going to emphasize wrinkles and texture on your lips. If you still want to go for a red, make sure you go for a glossy and hydrating formula that leaves your lips looking plump and juicy! That way you can get away with a bold color without looking too harsh.

Another red lipstick method you can get away with is a stain! Instead of going for a bright and pigmented red all over your lips, try simply patting in a red lipstick or testing out a red lip stain. The slightly tinted red lip look is a great way to transition to a less harsh and less aging red lipstick!


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