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What Others See When They Look at You

Ever wonder what other people notice about your body, face, and personality when they first meet you? It’s a perennial question that has a rather complex answer. That’s because when two human beings encounter each other, they’re bombarded with visual and other kinds of data. Do an experiment and make note of what first grabs your attention when you meet someone. Chances are, you’ll consciously or unconsciously note things like facial features, apparent skin health, eyebrows, teeth, hair texture, general hygiene, the eyes, and much more. Everyone notices different things, but the following are among the most common features that draw our attention when we view another human face and body.


Your complexion is a central part of your identity, whether you realize it or not. In fact, when people look in mirrors, they often look for facial blemishes, scars, pimples, and discoloration points. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to improve facial appearance. Fortunately, anyone who wants to enhance their complexion can use vitamin C face serum to rejuvenate skin that appears uneven, dried-out, or lacks tone. Plus, it only takes a few drops to sooth and revitalize all the skin on your face. People who use the best vitamin C serum available know that value of the product. Then, when others look directly at you, they’ll see a healthy, bright face.


It’s human make note of the way someone stands. Often, when we’re asked to describe a person we’ve met, one of the first characteristics we mention is that they had good or poor posture. The way we stand conveys a large amount of information, including how confident we are, whether we care about appearances, and the state of our health in some cases. Make the commitment to practice good posture in a mirror and ask your doctor about exercises that can improve a slumping back and rounded shoulders.


Have you ever known people who seldom smile because they don’t want anyone to see their teeth? It’s a sad fact of life that dental health can have such a profound effect on self-esteem and confidence. Consult your dentist to learn about improving the look of your teeth.


Have you ever had a speck in your eye and didn’t realize it until someone said there’s something in your eye? It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. Why? Because people notice your eyes in many ways. Not only do they look directly at them when they first meet you, but they unconsciously notice things like redness, puffy bags, dust or dirt in the corners, or floating pieces of dust and debris on the surface of the eyeballs. Speak with your doctor about how to practice good eye hygiene. Some people use cleansing drops on a daily basis to rinse away overnight buildup of foreign substances and gunk in the corners of eyes that can build up during sleep. Consider having your vision and general eye health checked by a professional healthcare provider at least once per year.

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