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An Astronomical Guide for 2020

Eclipses, planetary movements, retrogradation … At the end of each year, it is very interesting to give to the astrological calendar for the upcoming period to find out what the sky has in store for us. So get ready: 2020 will be a full year and will bring with it no less than six eclipses and eight planets in the retrograde movement.

According to the necromancer Kimberly Taylor, the two semesters of 2020 will be very different. While the former tends to be calmer, the latter promises more agitation and instability.

“The more people can arrange life in the first round, the better. Also because the retrogradation of Mars [which took place from September to November] leaves us without initiative. The setbacks of Jupiter and Saturn (began in May and lasts until September). So, starting something in the second round can be more bound,” said the fortune teller.


On January 10, the full moon will be defeated in Cancer – a phenomenon that matches the last eclipse of 2019. According to the woman, the first eclipse of 2020 is very good for planning the year.

How to harness energy: “This will be a good time to feel the end of the holidays, bringing responsibility this year. In the collective, it brings a yearning for change, to do different things. Ask for structure and responsibility to be built in the long run.”


Mercury declines an average of three times a year. In 2020, the first retrogradation occurred in February, on the 15th, and continued until March 10, between the signs of Pisces and Aquarius.

How to harness energy: As usual, Mercury has to bring communication and traffic problems into daily tasks, so be careful when expressing yourself. Being in the two signs mentioned, retrogradation still gives an astral lack of attention.

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Planet is related to the taboo theme, Pluto retrograde on Capricorn from April 25 to October 4. As a result, we will feel the need for revision related to “controversial” issues such as supernatural powers, sexuality and the like.

How to harness energy: During retrograde, the tip is spinning inward rather than outside, because this is a learning period. Review your sexuality (not only in your life, but as a whole), your intuition, and your spirituality no matter what your zodiac is.


Retrograde Saturn passes through two signs: Aquarius and Capricorn. To understand the retrogradation of the planet – which is related to the structural basis of life and long-term plans – you need to understand how you are transiting before the slowest movement begins. Saturn began this year at Capricorn, a position that requires responsibility and discipline to implement our long-term plans. However, in March, the planet passed Aquarius, a sign that read “revolutionary”. This aspect evokes the desire to discard everything and make eccentric changes in the progress of plans that have hitherto been disciplined. On May 11, Saturn entered the retrograde movement while still at Aquarius, which began a review of the need for revolution. Still in a period of retrogradation, the planet returns to Capricorn, asking the question: Is it really necessary to have so much responsibility and security in planning for life?

How to harness energy: It’s important to know the date of the planet’s movements to understand the energy you will feel in each of them, so you can make more informed decisions about your actions. For those who pay attention and are well connected to you, the period will be great self-knowledge and learning.


Jupiter’s journey through the mark can be read as a one-year note, because the planet usually lives for about 13 months in a single lane of sky. Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 2 and almost entirely around 2020. The planet is known as the master of exploration, the pursuit of knowledge; Signs, on the other hand, are more cautious and like to impose limits – that is, they are the very opposite.

How to harness energy: Jupiter in Capricorn says we must grow calmly, optimistically as much as possible. When Jupiter’s setback occurred at Capricorn, it was necessary to stop evaluating its growth rate, climate of optimism, and the knowledge gained so far.


Venus is one of the planets that suffered a setback in 2020. Known as a protector of relationships, setbacks occur in Gemini, a sign of communication. This means that this will be a more difficult time to establish communication not only between partners, but also in other types of relationships, such as family members and even professionals.

How to harness energy: We need to be careful about what we talk about with each other, because it can have a direct impact on relationships and cause wide differences of opinion. Conflicts can occur with partners over opinions in love, such as future relationships.

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius:

The full moon on June 5 will be defeated at Sagittarius. The lunar eclipse at issue is very important for relationships.

How to use energy: Care must be taken with communication in relationships. There will be a need to learn to listen and live with each other’s differences. A spontaneous Sagittarius accusation will be needed for a smooth relationship.

Retrograde Mercury in Cancer:

Mercury was retrograde from 19 June to 13 July. This time in Cancer, retrogradation from the communication planet will also bring sentimental confusion and even the return of saved past feelings.

How to harness energy: If we are aware that feelings and even people from the past can return to this period, it is important to know that we need to revive them, because everything is not the same. One tip is to bring out past pain that doesn’t add up, and if you want to get rid of old feelings, rationalize them.

Retrograde Neptune on Pisces:

Associated with dreams and unconscious problems, Neptune, when retreating in Pisces, will disrupt our mystical side. The setback occurred from June 23 to November 28 and during this period we will review how our intuition works.

How to harness energy: When phenomena move our mystical side, the current energy is to review how we apply our intuitions and how we understand our psychic patterns. Is this just emotional confusion or a truly mystical experience? Questioning faith and paying attention to dreams, unconsciousness. Beware of excessive illusions.

Hopefully this article can guide you to start 2020 better.


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