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Do Essay Writing Styles of Men and Woman Differ?

There’s no unified view on whether men and women are different or not. Of course, they have physiological differences, but mostly they are identical. It’s no wonder that some research often tries to find out about existing differences in their activities. One of the most interesting ones is essay writing. Although there’s very little research on this topic, from first glance, it may seem that their writing styles don’t differ. But that’s wrong. Some peculiarities exist, and they are even too obvious.

Sometimes the writers try to emulate the style of the opposite sex. And only on the rare occasions, they achieve success. Those people who used professional help from a writing essay service may tell you that it’s hard sometimes to see the difference. It’s the sign of the writer’s professionalism and the key to receiving a good paper.

Peculiarities of Woman Writing

There’s a lot of factors, which influence the writing style. The part of them is connected with the gender and nature of a human being. Undoubtedly that life experience plays a huge role in forming of style. Our brains are identical. The processes of thinking are functioning in the same way. Women’s and men’s desires, fears and cares also often coincide. So, the last style-forming feature is the society in which we are born and exist.

Let us distinguish some typical female features in writing:

  1. Women tend to talk more about their relationships. They use a lot of compliments and apologies in their essays. The attentive reader can also notice a higher amount of facilitative tag questions in a woman’s writing.
  2. The best way to distinguish female-authored texts is to pay attention to the use of language units. Female texts abound in various types of pronouns. You are guaranteed to find them in curious academic essays. The most frequent are the following: I, you, she, her, herself, yourself, myself.
  3. Concerning grammatical forms, besides pronouns, you may find the conjunctions and prepositions. ‘For’ and ‘with’ are the most frequent. It’s connected with the fact that a woman tends to depict personal relationships in various forms. They present things in a relational way.
  4. Women’s essays and texts are involved. It means that when a woman writes something, she aims at building strong relationships and interaction between the reader and the writer. On the basis of it, we may say that female essays show the belonging to the interactive style. Namely, the usage of pronouns helps to achieve this characteristic.
  5. Women tend to choose fiction essay topics, although every person is an individual. So no wonder that you may know any woman who shows quite the opposite characteristics.
  6. The most beloved theme among women is the theme of love. They adore writing essays and short stories, full of empathy, romance, and reflection. At the same time, this creative approach results in a better quality of academic writing, especially in essay writing.

What about Men’s Style?

After reading female features, you may compare their features with the opposite one and distinguish truly male peculiarities. It should be easy. But to avoid misunderstanding and existence of wrong facts, the differences in male essay writing are listed below:

  • Men’s writing also can be evaluated in terms of the use of language units. Don’t underestimate this way of distinguishing male- and female-authored texts. So, if you look at the essay written by men, you’ll notice the big amount of the following markers:
    • Various determiners – a, this, that, these, the;
    • Cardinal numbers – one, two, three, four, etc.;
    • Of-phrases;
    • Common nouns;
    • Pronoun its.
  • The abundance of determiners results from the informational character of men’s writing. Men don’t want to achieve communication and interaction between themselves and the reader.
  • When a man wants to write, he doesn’t use imagination. Most men writers tend to express information in an unemotional manner. Their writing is argumentative. Thus they convey the specific information in a scientific manner.
  • Men prefer to write fiction, so they frequently choose nonfiction topics for their essays. Although at the same time, they don’t tend to complexity as women do. When the professor suggests the essay topics to students, he or she has every right to expect that male students will choose themes connected with accurate facts, science, and so on.

What Should You Know about the Delineations

The differences between male and female writing are too evident. Despite that, our brain and mind are identical; the ways we construct meanings and express information greatly differ. The very first thing which comes to mind is the themes. Any person who is a book-lover can analyze the authors he or she read and make a conclusion. If we take the most prominent male and female authors, we’ll see that most of their works are interrelated.

Women write about love. Even if the genre of their book is far from being a love story, they include the storyline dedicated to love. And it’s usually given great importance. The men are the opposite. They aren’t so generous on the emotions. 

Many female and male authors often resort to the use of pseudonyms. This striving is also dictated by the desire to hide their gender. Sometimes they’re afraid of discrimination, including racial. But it doesn’t help them, because the writers ignore the above-mentioned differences. Only a handful of writers manage to imitate the woman’s or man’s style perfectly. But the writers of both genders are equally talented, and their books will add value to the world.

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