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Super Quick Gift Ideas for Someone Special

It’s holiday time! Can you believe that it’s already time for sweater weather, gingerbread, and presents? Where does the time go? It’s also time to go shopping for your friend and family members. It’s important when picking out a gift for your loved ones to really take their personalities into account.That really shows them that you care and that they are special to you. To help you out with all of your holiday shopping for that someone special in your life, we have put together a list of holiday goodies that will be perfect gifts this holiday season. When picked based on your loved ones’ personalities, they can make their holiday that much more special.


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Kool8 is a super stylish, chic, and trendy thermos with double-walled vacuum insulation that keeps your beverage or soup hot for 24 hours or cold for 12 hours. It’s the perfect gift for those adventurous friends who are always on the go in your life. Plus, the design is chic and modern, so fashionistas will love it, too. Perhaps you can plan an outdoor family outing after the holiday meal to take your new Kool8 for a spin?

Twinkle in Time

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If you’re looking for the perfect personalized gift for someone special, Twinkle in Time is the best idea. It is a custom star chart that is perfect for commemorating any occasion. It allows you to see how the starts were aligned on any special date in time. How cool is that?

These Bedside Lamps with USB Charging Ports

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Having a bedside lamp with multiple USB charging slots in it is just the greatest idea. How many times have you had to charge your phone at your bed, but the cord didn’t reach. I’ve had to buy a 10-foot cord to solve this problem. Now, you can easily solve it with these chic and practical lamps. This gift was also included on GiftWits’ Best Wedding Gift list.


Books are always a great idea when gifting friends or family. Just be sure to pick a book that someone either has on their wish list or is in their most beloved genre. For those intuitive loved ones or the ones most interested in new age topics, gift them a copy of Crystal365.

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Different stones have different benefits when meditated with. Askinosie’s book, Crystal 365, breaks down the meaning and uses of 52 different crystals and mentions when to use each stone and how to practice your intentions with them. It’s a great gift for those interested in crystals!

Leaders Cosmetics’s Labotica Transforming Liquid Mask Kit

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Leaders Cosmetics’s Labotica Transforming Liquid Mask Kit is the perfect face mask to use when you need a complete refresh for many facial issues. Peel-off masks have been proven to be a great tool for healthy skin, so it’s imperative to have them on hand at home for those periods of time where your skin is feeling dry and damaged or when you are breaking out too much. This mask kit is our favorite, using botanical extracts to calm and nourish the skin. The Rose Gold mask brightens the skin, making dull and dry skin radiant while the Foil Mask removes signs of aging and tightens the skin and pores. We encourage you to gift these for the beauty lover in your life. They are the perfect size for gifting, and they are fun to use.

When gifting for your loved ones, really think about who they are and what they are interested in. From there, you are bound to find something on our guide above that would fit their personality.  


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