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Discover How Your Zodiac Sign Influences Your Physical Appearance

It has been said a thousand times that genetics are the number one factor that influences your physical appearance. Of course we are not going to debate on that, because it’s simply undebatable! What we can debate is the fact that zodiac signs and astrology also play a huge role in the way you look.

Astrologers have been working for decades to understand how is our time of birth related to our personality, our behaviour, our tendencies and, of course, our physical appearance. Although we have control over most aspects of our appearance, like the way we dress or the way we express our personality, your zodiac sign influences you more than you know. Even if you decide to dye your hair in green, no matter how crazy or normal for you does that seem, your sun sign has a lot to do with it. With no further ado, let’s find out how does your zodiac sign influence how you look.

Aries: Robust, Rugged and Daring

Most of the other zodiac signs are drawn to you because of your energetic and enthusiastic spirit. Generally speaking, Aries people are known for their sportive nature, which is why they are commonly referred to as athletic, so they usually have a prominent chin, nose and mouth. You don’t like wearing a lot of makeup, which gives away your chill vibe, making you even more likable. Your hair is almost always natural, never overly done. You look daring, courageous and blunt, however, you can sometimes be perceived as selfish, jealous or even violent.

Taurus: Healthy, Sensual and Elegant

As one of the classiest signs of the zodiac, you look graceful, stylish and always up to the latest trends. You find it easy to change between styles, because you know what you’re doing. In physical terms, Taurus people have a harmonious, oval-shaped face, thick features and full sensual lips. Their body is usually well proportioned and gives an impression of bot gracefulness and strength at the same time. You love dressing up fashionably and you know how to combine clothes perfectly. Oh, about the hair: you like to keep it short.

Gemini: Laid Back, Indifferent and Swift

Symbolized by the Twins, you are quite often described as indifferent. But face it, that’s the truth: even your physical appearance shows it. For example, the way you act when somebody tells you either devastating or exciting news. Nevertheless, most zodiac signs are drawn to your natural charisma. Physically, Gemini people are characterized by big sparkling eyes and long beautiful hair that needs little-to-no maintenance. You most certainly have clear skin to make anyone jealous and you’re that person who everybody hates because you eat a lot and gain no weight. Good genes and born under a lucky star is what it is. Also, your moves are very swift with a laid-back style.

Cancer: Graceful, Expressive and Reassuring

As a family-oriented person, you are undoubtedly one of the sweetest and nicest signs of the zodiac. You are gifted with the ability to connect with literally anyone you meet, regardless of the differences. You are compassionate by nature and quite expressive: it’s not very possible for you to hide how you feel about a certain situation or emotion. Physically, Cancerians are described with round-shaped features (chin, nose) and dark hair. Your physical appearance reflects upon your compassionate personality in the way you smile, the way you move with your arms and body and your voice.

Leo: Confident, Courageous and Strong

It goes without saying that Leo is among the most confident signs in the zodiac and that reflects in your physical appearance as well. You talk the talk and walk the walk, making the perfect impression of the strong person you actually are. In physical terms, you are described with strong features, such as wide forehead, thick hair and large nose. Your body is strong and muscular, yet elegant and smooth. The general appearance of a Leo gives an impression of class and pride, among many others.

Virgo: Serious, Stylish and Neutral

Now you must be thinking, how can looks be neutral? Well, it’s simple. Virgo people do not have a distinctive mark that loathes being noticed. They are average to tall people with a slender build (especially males) and they usually have good taste in things. Physically, Virgo people look serious and they are never in the mood to show off. We can also say that they are classy and discreet, with brown or blonde hair. Queen is how they all call you when you dress up for a party.

Libra: Sophisticated, Graceful and Well-Proportioned

Libra, what people first notice in you is your V-shaped chin line, almond-shaped eyes and a radiant, warm smile. You are a cheerful person, a loyal friend/lover and easily likable person for everyone you meet. Your graceful nature makes an impression like you’re incapable of hurting people. Physically, Libras are known for their well-proportioned, tall body and beautiful features all over their body. Even though you tend to be quite uncertain when it comes to clothing choices, 99% of the time you’re well dressed, with the ideal make-up on (if female) and perfectly done hair for the occasion. You’re sophisticated in the way you move and in the way you are.

Scorpio: Sturdy, Intense and Mysterious

Everyone is familiar with the powerful personality you possess, Scorpio, from the first look at you. Your physical appearance leaves a powerful impact due to your strong shoulders, well-built body posture and face with clear-cut features and magnetic eyes. The general appearances leaves an impression of power, secrecy, mystery, charm, intensity and seriousness. Scorpios have dark, thick hair and a shining smile. Even though you tend to be quite secretive and mysterious, your expressive eyes give you away and you’re incapable of hiding it.

Sagittarius: Fiery, Energetic and Charming

As a Fire sign, you are similar to Aries in some ways, but not to Leo too. You’re a carefree personality who is extremely low maintenance and the way you present yourself to the world depicts that. As you must know, you are an adrenaline junkie and you love traveling on a regular basis. What does that have to do with your physical appearance? Your off-the-charts energy is free flowing through your body making you look like the hyper you are. You are probably always with a little tan compared to others around you. Your wardrobe is probably full of clothes that need no ironing because nobody has time for that. You’re a modern day hippie and you know it.

Capricorn: Official, Elegant and Focused

Capricorn, you were born to dominate in your career and there’s no other sign in the zodiac that matches your laser-focused attitude when it comes to business. You’re determined and it can be seen in your physical appearance. Capricorns are slender, usually small to average height, with a set of serious eyes, curvy body, strong facial features and no tattoos, piercings or other “crazy” stuff. The impression you leave is depth, maturity and seriousness. Capricorn in astrology means low maintenance people, as you prefer your natural look. Finally, your dressing choice is always official, because you never know when your next meeting is.

Aquarius: Sparkling, Versatile and Rebellious

You probably stopped counting the number of times people told you “you’re weird”, because it is THAT often that people find you weird. Why? Because you’re full of energy, you’re sparking with enthusiasm and you’re passionate about the things you love. The rebel in you doesn’t let you shy away from having a different opinion and this characteristic is reflected in your outfit, the way you do your hair and the way you communicate with others. Physically, Aquarius people are slim, with dark hair, pleasant facial expressions, sparkling eyes full of life and a noble profile.

Pisces: Imaginative, Introverted and Misty

Sorry for repeating that for the thousandth time, but even your look says that you’re imaginative. You are always in the clouds, your sight set away in the distance, your head way up high. As a creative person, there is always something of a higher interest than reality. Physically, Pisces people are characterized by their dimples on their face, their blue, distinctive eyes, taking short steps and quick to change their body weight. The general impression a Pisces leaves is misty, quiet, calm and very introverted. Oh, almost forgot, they are wearing their heart on the sleeve and that is easily noticeable.

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