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How to Achieve Weight Loss Through Wellness-Based Activities

There’s a lot more to being healthy than just working out, as many Americans are finding these days. There are many facets to being in good shape–including getting enough sleep and taking care of your mental health–and it can be difficult to make sure they’re all in harmony. When it comes to fighting the obesity epidemic, it’s important that we realize what exactly goes into achieving weight loss.

There are several ways you can start down a healthy path and achieve weight loss, but it’s a good idea to start with the things you know will get results. This means eating well-balanced meals (and not skipping any), getting adequate rest, exercising daily, and reducing stress. Try something new, such as yoga or pilates. In combination with one another, these actions will get you on course toward your goal of healthy living and will allow you to focus on other things, like addressing mental health disorders. Depression and anxiety are two of the most common of these and can affect everything from your ability to function at work, to your relationships with the people you care about; it’s important to learn how to treat and cope with them.

Here are a few tips on how to achieve weight loss through wellness-based activities.

Make your workout fun

We all have to exercise, but when it gets boring or too tiring, it can be difficult to stay motivated enough to keep going. Many people begin a new routine with energy, but slow down when they get tired of the monotony. One great way to prevent this is to incorporate some fun. Getting your dog involved in your workout is a perfect way to stay motivated and enjoy yourself while you get your heart rate up; look for a dog-friendly park in your area where the two of you can run the trails and spend some quality time together. Dog parks are everywhere, so if you’ve not yet found the one closest to you, peruse sites like To give you a snapshot, here’s a quick sampling of top dog parks in a variety of cities: Saint Paul, MN, Portland, OR, Miami, FL, San Jose, CA, Raleigh, NC, Albuquerque, NM, Indianapolis, IN, Knoxville, TN, Madison, WI, and Calgary.

Change up your sleep routine

Getting enough rest is essential for your wellness, but many of us find it hard to do. Whether you have too much on your plate to take care of, or you just can’t get to sleep because your brain won’t shut off, it’s time to change up the pattern. Reduce stress and anxiety as much as possible during the day by getting organized; for instance, if mornings are hard because everyone is rushing to get ready for work and school, create a new bedtime routine that involves laying out clothing, shoes, and backpacks for the next day. Take care of your work responsibilities during work hours instead of bringing them home with you. Start a new bedtime routine that includes lavender soap, a hot shower, and no screen time for at least an hour before you hit the sheets. Watching television or looking at a phone/tablet can interfere with your sleep patterns and keep you awake even when you’re tired.

Balance out that diet

Most of us enjoy some sweets and salt occasionally, and that’s okay. When it becomes part of your normal diet, however, it becomes a problem. Look for ways you can incorporate healthier snacks and meal ideas into your daily routine; pack resealable baggies full of fruit, cut-up veggies, nuts, or granola and keep them in your desk to prevent you from running to the vending machine when your blood sugar gets low. Write out a grocery list and stick to it rather than buying impulse items, and make sure you’re not hungry when you do your shopping, as that always leads to trouble! Changing the way you do things can help boost your self-confidence, and eating better foods will give you energy and keep you going even on the toughest days.

Getting healthy incorporates many things, but it’s really all about changing your lifestyle to better yourself from the inside out. Think outside the box and communicate with your family about the changes you want to make so that you can keep things consistent within your home, and talk to your doctor before making any big changes to your diet or exercise routine, especially if you have existing health issues.

Written by Guest Author Julie Morris
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