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9 Ways You Can Take Care of Your Skin While Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Radiation therapy is indispensable when it comes to cancer treatment. You can experience several possible side effects while undergoing the procedure. However, thanks to the several skincare products that are available these days. They offer a lot of relief and soothe your burnt skin, which is a common consequence of cancer therapy.

In this article, let us find out more about how you can care for your skin during this trying time.

What steps will you take for skincare while on radiation therapy?

Check out the following steps that you can take: –

  1. Warm water- You can wash the affected area with warm water gently. It will help you to get rid of bacteria, which if otherwise left like that can cause infection. Also, remember, during this period, your skin is excessively sensitive and is susceptible to easy bruising and irritation. So, you can defer using loofah and washcloths till the time you undergo the therapy.
  • Low pH cleanser- Remember, since your skin is sensitive now, use a cleanser that has low pH value. Use hands instead of any scrubber. After that, gently rinse off with warm water.
  • No shaving the affected area- It is best not to shave the area that is under treatment. Refrain from doing so as it might lead to rashes which can be very painful.
  • Moisturize daily- Since your skin becomes dry and the texture is rough, make sure you use to moisturize your skin regularly. Use a mild one which will not cause rash or breakouts. 
  •  Follow the rules for dressing- It is best to follow the instruction of the treating medical practitioner. There might be sores or redness on your skin. Scabs may also develop. If you opt for self-care, you might end up delaying the healing process. So, stick to the rules.
  • Avoid sticky makeup- Best is not to wear any makeup at all. Your skin becomes very sensitive, so you do not know what chemicals in the makeup might cause eruptions. So, stay away at least till a time the radiation therapy does not stop. You could also seek professional assistance to get the best ideas for chemo care package. These packages are usually cancer-treatment friendly and are gentle on your skin.
  • Precaution while outdoors- When you are out in the open under the sun, the harmful UV rays might further aggravate the skin rashes, if any and cause unwanted blemishes. So, you can wear clothes that cover you maximum. Also, wear clothes that are loose-fitting so that there is no friction between your clothes and the affected area.  Use a sunscreen that is recommended by your cancer care team. Try to spend as much time you can in the shade away from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid hot tub- Soaking in warm water can be harmful as it might burn your skin and cause pain. So, avoid it.
  • Avoid tanning products- Do not use any tanning product till the time you get permission from your cancer-care team to do so.

In a nutshell, taking care of your skin while undergoing cancer treatment is not a difficult task. It is simple if you follow instructions, which will make you heal faster.


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