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Essential Oils for a Stuffy Nose This Cold Season

It’s cold season again. And while we are thrilled about the chilly weather that fall brings, we also know that it’s time for stuffy noses. Especially during the fall months, stuffy noses come hand-in-hand with your standard cold. At VIVA GLAM, we are strong believers in using natural remedies where you can, so we always try to use essential oils to help with a cold before trying strong medication. While there isn’t a lot scientific evidence to back up essential oils yet (though there is some), through our experiences, the following have helped with our stuffy noses.

Mint Essential Oils

Essential oils from mint-like plants such as peppermint and eucalyptus are always the top choice for trying to fix a stuffy nose. In the case of peppermint oil, the menthol in the oil may open up your nasal passages. And eucalyptus oil just makes sense, as many over-the-counter vapor rubs contain eucalyptus to open up your sinus passages. Tee-tree oil is another no-brainer, as it is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, and it falls under the mint category. Any of the above would be our top choice in using an essential oil to relieve your stuffy nose.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is believed to have a pain-relieving affect, and it is said to reduce swelling. So, many holistic healers turn to lavender oil to help with their cold-season aliments. Plus, lavender has a calming smell, so many use lavender smells to put themselves in a better headspace. While mint-like smells can give you energy, lavender does the opposite. So, this might be your go-to choice for your evening de-congesting.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil has been said to contain antioxidants. It is also another anti-inflammatory. So, while this isn’t as popular as some of the other oils used to relieve your stuff nose, many claim rosemary oil will also do the trick.

Studies have shown that essential oils can kill bacteria, which, in turn, will help you out with your illness. So using essential oils while you are sick is said to truly help put you on the path to recovery. Take our advice above and let us know which essential oil works best for your stuffy nose.


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