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How to Wear Neon Makeup In Fall

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The Makeup Look of 2019, according to Instagram and celebrities, is neon eyeshadows and lipsticks. The brightest and boldest trend in the beauty department was everywhere all summer long and it seems that we are not ready to give up on these vibrant colors despite the moody weather. What started as an Instagram craziness, evolved into an everyday routine for some beauty obsessives. Unlike in the past, you can see neon-colored lids, waterlines, and lips even during the daytime in 2019. Even though we are deep into the fall season, those bold colors are still present in beauty routines. Keep reading to discover how to wear neon makeup in fall.

neon makeup looks for fall
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Photo By @makeupwithjah/Instagram

Brighten up your neutral looks with a pop of neon. One of the most effective ways to do so is to highlight the inner corners of your eyes with a brightly-hued pigment or shimmering eyeshadow. In case you’re living under a rock, acid green is the trendiest neon shade, and as you can see it compliments earthy tones beautifully.

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