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CBD Gummies Can be Given to Kids? All You Need to Know

Nowadays, there are many ways in which parents aim to cure their children when medicinal treatment isn’t helping. One of them is the use of CBD gummies for kids which has been a talk of the town in recent years.

Basically, CBD gummies look like regular gummies but instead of made up of sugars and gelatin, it is made up of CBD. CBD, abbreviated as Cannabidiol, is basically a substance which contains cannabis which is found in marijuana and hemp.

CBD gummies are used as a remedy to treat pains and ailments of children. It also cures serious medical issues like arthritis, seizures and sleep problems. A great advantage of CBD is though it is made up of substances like marijuana but patients don’t get high by consuming it at a limited rate.

CBD is a non-addictive substance and is less prone to side effects. These advantages make it an ideal option for consumption for children. Parents often think that due to its derivation from natural source, this substance does not have any side effects and is considered safe. But, the research on CBD is an ongoing process and doctors deny validating this fact completely.

Myths and Facts about CBD gummies

CBD has its own set of side effects like diarrhea, changes in appetite and can cause fatigue to children. In addition to it, CBD gummies are sold in retail stores and online markets which are unregulated which makes it difficult for parents to choose the right amount and dosage for their children. It is also difficult to believe what the label claims when it comes to buying of gummies.

Many parents are hopeful towards CBD gummies but there are many myths and truths to be cleared before using them for their children. The body, immune system, and strength of a child are less and these factors must be taken care of before giving any kind of pain reliever to the child.


CBD gummies can give drastic relief from seizures to children as per parents. Many cases have been seen where children have reduced taking seizures due to the consumption of CBD gummies regularly. This fact has also been accepted by doctors all over the world that CBD gummies can reduce the most important and disabling seizures. But the point should also be noted that CBD gummies, which are in the form of epilepsy, do not work in all cases and on all patients.

Epidiolex is significantly different from the CBD gummies which are sold online. It is an FDA approved and doctor’s prescribed drug in which the effects, reliefs and side effects are taken care of. Also, the dosage differs from the CBD gummies which are sold online or in stores without any kind of medical prescription. So, it is advised that as far as relief from seizures is considered, it is better to go slow and monitor the child’s improvement in this particular area. Also, parents must not take unprescribed medical decisions as it may prove dangerous to the child.


Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, popularly known as ADHD, which restricts the students to focus and pay attention to important activities and gives them a feeling of being lost. By consuming CBD gummies, it has been observed that children are more attentive towards the regular works and do not feel left out when in a group. It also increases the concentration power among children. But, CBD has shown different results in the case of different children. Many parents have given CBD gummies to their children who were suffering from ADHD and found no difference.

As per researchers, there has not been much development in the case of CBD dealing with ADHD, but it has been observed that a lot of anxious behavior can be cured by using CBD as per prescription. It totally depends on the child’s hormones and genes and thus while using CBD, the behavior and changes in the child’s body, mind and day to day activities must be closely monitored. Sometimes, prescribed medicines have shown significant results while CBD has not. So, it is recommended to consult a doctor and then closely observe the behavior to avoid unwanted and unnecessary use of money and avoid serious side effects in the body and mind of the child.


Though, there are no proven results of CBD gummies giving relief to any kind of pain such as migraine, but scientists predict that it may cure the pain including migraine as it reacts with the receptors present in the body through some pathways are known as the endocannabinoid system. The receptors may affect the pain messages that are sent by cells to each other. In addition to it, CBD gummies have been seen to fight inflammation which gives pain relief to the children.


Thus, with prescribed medication and monitoring of side effects, CBD gummies can be given to children for pain relief and improvement in daily behavior.


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