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What to Wear on Every Type of Date

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We’ve all experienced it, the frustrating quandary of what to wear on a date. This is especially true if it is a first date or with someone you are just getting to know. What is the appropriate attire for different times of the day, places you will go and people you might meet along the way? Here are some quick tips that will help you with just about every type of date. You’ll know exactly what to wear that will “dress to impress” each and every time!


It’s Just Coffee

Meeting someone over coffee for the first time should be a relaxed, fun time. This is not as serious as dinner; after all, it’s just coffee! Meeting at your local Starbucks in the afternoon for less than an hour should be a stress-free, break in the day for you. Don’t overdress. Instead, look casual, yet put-together. A nice sundress and flats is perfect for this type of meeting. Or try combining a fitted tee with a maxi skirt if it is cooler weather. Look feminine with soft curls or simple, straight hair. Makeup should not be heavy or it will look like you are trying too hard. Just be you and of course, wear a smile!


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