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How To Keep a Cap On Crying (When You Are Overly Emotional)

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Growing up, I had absolutely no idea I possessed a higher emotional capacity than most people. I had no idea I was hypersensitive to not only my own emotions but to other people’s emotions, and that I was so emotionally intelligent. I truly thought I was just like everyone else, only crazy. Combine those traits with hormones and it can be an absolute debilitating nightmare. I would get such incredibly large waves of emotions that it would take me days to recover from them and it would interfere with my work and school life on a very large level. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten to know myself better and I’ve embraced the traits that make me special no matter how difficult it is to live with them. Here is what I have learned along the way (through extreme trial and error) as to how to control the massive waves of emotion when they rise up.



If I could include meditation on every single list I post on my blog, I absolutely would. I don’t think people understand the magnitude at which meditation changes lives. I can say, without a doubt, that meditation has been the complete saving grace in terms of my emotional control. When you are over-emotional, or experience emotions on a higher level than most people, you absolutely need to make meditation a priority. It takes an incredible amount of discipline but my life has completely changed for the better because of it. Before I meditated, I would cry at work, isolate myself, and just shut down. After, I’ve felt like I could handle more because meditation has given me so much control over my own emotions. Unfortunately, this is something that I can’t explain in words fully; it must be experienced. But I can say with 100% certainty that it works for me!


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