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Your Thoughts Can Change the World

‘Tis the season

The holidays are celebrated as a time for friends and families to get together to share food, presents, laughter and love. Some of us travel far and wide to join our loved ones with kids in tow and dogs left with pet sitters. We prepare food, wrap gifts and seek out that special outfit for all of the work, neighborhood and friend celebrations that we must attend.a different is outfit is required for each occasion. What a joyous time! Well, that’s what we tell ourselves anyway. But is that what we actually experience?


Though we paint an idyllic picture of the holiday season, it usually ends up as anything but that. For most of us we spend a good part of the holiday season stressed to the max, our tempers are short and we aren’t eating healthy food. People love and hate the holidays and it is easy to see why. At work, we are pushing to get everything completed before the end of the year. After work, we are struggling to get all of the shopping done before the stores close. We will stand in lines hours long to get that one “must have” item of the season or even go as far as pushing someone else out of the way to get the item. And personally we are straining our calendars and ourselves to make it to all of the parties before we collapse. There isn’t much there that sounds joyous. Along the way we get tired and burned out and when we do we anything. The joyous season becomes the cranky season and the grumpy season. That’s not to say we don’t have times of pure joy, but from mid-November through January 2, we experience major ups and downs. What we may not realize is that whatever we express is put out into the world as energy. We can project low, heavy, negative energy or high, light, positive energy. So, when we are angry and short-tempered it is not only felt by others, but a residue of that energy is left in our wake. Fortunately, the same goes for when we are loving, kind and compassionate.


Words and Thoughts Are Energy

Science tells us that it doesn’t matter if we speak words or think words; it’s all energy that is projected into the world. Low, negative energy creates an environment where more low, negative energy is created. For instance, if someone is angry and shouting at you, being angry and shouting back just creates more low energy. However, in that same scenario, when one person exhibits understanding, and patience, high frequency energy is created. Not only that, but the argument cannot continue at the same destructive level. When peace and love are introduced, the effect is powerful and positive.

What does it matter if low or high energy is created? Well, for starters all energy affects us and the rest of the planet. All energy produces outcomes or consequences. The effects of low energy on humans can be measured emotionally and physically. Emotionally, when one person is judging another, is angry or is yelling, we tend to pick up this type of energy and react to it. Since most of us feel bad about ourselves on some level, there is a low energy humming around us in our heads waiting to come to life and attack someone or something. When we hear or feel similar energy, we often chime in with it, pick up on it and start to think, talk and act like it. This is an emotionally draining way to live and doesn’t work in anyone’s favor.

Low, negative energy also affects us physically. This is because low, heavy, negative energy makes us more prone to a reduced immune system, burned out adrenal glands, an out of balance hormonal/endocrine system (the thyroid is part of this system), digestive issues, heart trouble and more free radicals floating around generating all sorts of issues including a higher risk of cancer and other similar diseases.

On the flip side, high frequency energy that is light and positive promotes good mental and good physical health. There are countless stories about how two people with cancer can have very different survival rates based solely on attitude and outlook .¨ in effect, the energy they create. Many of us have heard of someone who was given a death sentence by the medical community, but with a positive outlook and determination for survival, they outlived their doctors’ short term prognosis. Most of us aren’t taught this, but we are powerful beings and we can heal ourselves with high frequency, positive words and thoughts.

High frequency, positive energy can reduce blood pressure, improve digestion, reduces the incidence of free radicals and can reduce the chance for cancer and other preventable illnesses that so many of us suffer from. High frequency energy is a stress reducer and we can all use some of that!

What’s the difference between low and high frequency thinking and speaking? For examples, check out the chart below and notice the stark contrast.


Low Frequency Words & Thoughts

High Frequency Words & Thoughts

Judgmental- “You’re an idiot!”

Accepting – “It’s OK. You’re doing your best. “

Angry- “I hate you!”

Understanding & Compassionate – “Don’t worry.”

Regret- “I wish I hadn’t done that.”

Forgiving & Accepting- “We all learn differently.”

Blaming- “She made me feel this way.”

Forgiving & Taking Responsibility – “I did it.”

Negative – “I can’t do anything right.”

Positive- “I can do that!”

Separating- “Get out of my sight.”

Connecting – “I love you.”

With awareness of the difference between these two energetic frequencies and knowing what each creates, you can choose what energy you wish to give to the world. Remember, every thought and every word truly matters.


Leaving Love in Your Wake

So, the question is, what energy are you projecting into the world? Many of us don’t think about life in this way, but perhaps it would be beneficial to all of us if we did. Since most of us are on autopilot, reacting to life, we may not even be aware of the energy that we are sending out to the world. That argument with your loved one may seem important at the time, but it really isn’t. Most of us usually realize that later on. And rushing around in a cut-throat, frantic manner just to buy a bunch of presents
instead of keeping your money and spending more time relaxing during the Holiday Season may make a lot more sense in the long run. Perhaps it is time for a change. How can we do that? We can start by remembering the contrast between low and high frequency energy and we can remember a few little items listed below:

1. Realize that we are all doing our best based on the training we had about how to act and interact in the world. We were just little kids soaking up the information like sponges as we watched, listened and learned how to be and how to feel from those around us.

2. Realize that you can control your thoughts and the words you say to others. We don’t have to have an argument if we choose not to.

3. Realize that we are all connected. In this busy season of rushing here, buying this and stressing about that, we are all one human population. We are one big family and we are all struggling in some way. We have all experienced loss, we have all cried and we have all suffered. We have a lot in common. Perhaps we can look at others and see this in their eyes rather than to see them as separate from us . Deep down we are all the same.

The energy we create is a choice. The words we use are a choice and thoughts we have are a choice. We aren’t used to taking control of the thoughts in our heads. It’s as if they just keep popping up continually telling us how to think or feel, but we can regain control. With practice, we can quiet our minds and change our thoughts. We are the rightful owner of our beautiful mind. Instead of using it to work against us and the world, we can make a choice to use it to work in the favor of everyone and everything on the planet.

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