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Your Name Can Be Your Best Accessory

Sometimes it can be hard to know how to complete your look. The options, when it comes to accessories, are near endless. However sometimes the answer lies far closer to home than you might have thought.

Name necklaces, and other personalized jewelry, are all the rage and now might be the right time to consider getting your hands on an item or two. They are a good way to stand out, to mark an occasion or to show your personal connection with a loved one.

It’s clear that many celebrities can’t be without their name necklace jewelry, so maybe it’s time you considered adopting the trend. You are unlikely to flick through an entire fashion magazine and not catch sight of a charming piece of personalized jewelry and any cursory search online confirms just how popular this form of accessory has become.

The likes of Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and many many more have opted to complete their look with a nice quality piece of personalized jewelry, and here’s a few ways you can do the same.

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Rewarding Yourself

A nice piece of understated personalized jewelry is a good way to bling out your wardrobe and is clearly something of a conversational starter. The added bonus is that the barista in your local Starbucks won’t ever write the wrong name on your cup again!

Sometimes the name you choose could be a nickname, an initial or your full name and there are many different styles to choose from. A lot depends on the cut of the lettering and the choice of font you use can make the piece look cute or classy. 

Showing Your Love

Alternatively a personalized item of jewelry could be used to commemorate your love for another, maybe even a family member. These can be great gifts to give as not only are you offering a present that can be treasured due to its quality in terms of the jewelry itself but also in relation to the sentiment that it conveys.

Who can forget the gorgeous ‘mommy’ necklace adorned by Beyonce on many occasions and similarly Christina Applegate’s touching necklace bearing her daughter’s name. Any gift given of this type is sure to be received with great joy.

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Marking an Occasion

As well as using jewelry to mark a name or initials of a person, or indeed yourself, there is also the option of perhaps marking a key date in the form of personalized jewelry. This could be to mark your wedding anniversary, the birth of a child or indeed the birthdate of your partner.

You can choose to glitz up the piece by paying extra to add some priceless gemstones or you can be deliberately austere, and thereby allowing the piece to speak for itself. Indeed you might look to get a set of personalized jewelry items that can be switched in or out depending on the outfit you are wearing for the occasion.

Subtle Personalized Jewelry

At their heart, personalized jewelry offers you the chance to be unique. The item means something only to a select few and there aren’t any other pieces of jewelry that are the same and this conveys additional value beyond the cost of the gold or silver used to produce the piece itself.

They can be playful, heartfelt and they tell a story that is individual and in this way can’t be replicated by another. 

If you are feeling particularly subtle in your personalized jewelry gift a relatively new trend is to engrave on to the given piece the location coordinates of an important place. Perhaps where you first met your partner or where your child was born. This is an additional, low-key and delicate, way to relay your love for an individual.

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A Truly Unforgettable Gift

Often we get gifts, and give them, and they are almost instantly forgotten. This can be down to the sheer weight of key dates that we find ourselves offering presents for, or even (if we are honest) because the offering you’ve received just isn’t that memorable.

This is where personalized jewelry really earns its stripes. They offer you a gift option that is not only beautiful to look at but they have a deeper meaning that can never go out of fashion.

Name jewelry is something that may well be a trendsetting style choice at the moment but in truth it’s something that’s always been a hit, it’s just perhaps getting more attention due to the celebrity endorsements.

So next time you are considering what to get for your loved one, or even as a present to yourself, take the time to think about what kind of message you want to shape and communicate and then consider the embellishments and the materials you want to use to best tell your story.

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