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The Ultimate Shopper’s Guide to Buying Authentic Shungite Jewelry

If you’re looking to make your jewelry collection more eclectic, shungite stones are a great addition. These shiny, lustrous-looking black stones are a class apart because they are so versatile in their appeal.

A shungite necklace can work as a glamorous showstopper for a night out. When designed with sterling silver, it can also serve as a wonderful accessory to everyday smart casual wear.

There’s another unique aspect to shungite that makes it an attractive buy. This unique gemstone is known for its healing properties that serve many purposes. 

So before we go over some key points to keep in mind when buying shungite jewelry, let’s understand the value of this ancient healing gemstone.

A Great Conversation Starter 

As a connoisseur of jewelry, you’re probably wondering where shungite gets its name. The name origins from Shunga village in Karelia, Russia, which is the main area where shungite deposits are found. Discovered in the 19th century, shungite was popular in Russia for some time before making its way to the West.

You can be sure that the stone you wear is about 2 billion years old, and it has seen a lot of history! Another interesting bit of trivia is that shungite is made up of 35 to 98% carbon and is composed of almost every mineral in the periodic table. 

Add Some Glam to Your Collection

In the jewelry spectrum, you ought to consider shungite as the new black. It comes in a spectrum of shades and can be classified as bright, semi-bright, semi-dull, and dull, based on its luster. 

The luster and shade of the stone often dictate the design of the jewelry piece. Also, these factors need to be taken into consideration when deciding whether the stone is fit for jewelry.

For instance, elite shungite, a rarer variety made up of 98% carbon, can be paired with platinum and sterling silver to create glamourous and higher value rings, neckpieces, earrings, and bracelets. That’s not all – you can also find accessories like belts made of shungite. 

Healing With Shungite 

Shungite’s history with healing can be traced back a long way. When shungite is placed in water, it gives it a therapeutic quality and can help heal allergies, arthritis, liver and kidney issues, gastric problems, and chronic fatigue. In fact, Russia’s first spa was set up by Peter the Great in Karelia, built to take advantage of shungite’s water purifying properties.  

In addition, when placed on human skin or even in your home, the black gemstone is said to absorb negative energies. This has a calming effect on those in contact with shungite or in its vicinity. Imagine how cool it is that the shungite bracelet you’re wearing also has a healing effect!

When paired with other healing stones, the effects of this rare ebony gemstone are amplified. For instance, shungite and rose quartz crystals make a powerful combo, as they are said to help restore emotional and physical balance in the body. 

Ways to Identity Authentic Shungite 

If you plan on adding shungite to your collection, it’s important to build some knowledge about it and take steps to authenticate your purchase. This creates more value for you, especially since authentic shungite offers healing properties: 

Intense Black Color

The most distinguishing factor is the mesmerizing black color, which stands out when you look at an authentic shungite. However, just like tanzanite jewelry, which comes in a spectrum of blue, shungite comes in a spectrum of black, with infusions of gold, gray, and brown. This is because it has traces of other minerals. 

Percentage of Carbon

Shungite comes in different grades and qualities, which is mostly defined by the carbon content in the stone. Understand the percentage of carbon in the stone before paying top dollar for it.  

Staining on Your Skin

Due to the high carbon content, sometimes the stone might leave a stain on your skin. Don’t be upset about it. Consider it a sign of authenticity and a mark of a stone that is millions of years old and rare in its value.

Electric Conductivity

Believe it or not, this is one of the few minerals that has the ability to conduct electricity. If you touch a connecting wire to a shungite stone, it’s most likely that it can power the lamp in your bedroom! However, you don’t need to worry. Shungite is one of the safest stones to be used on human skin. 

Credible Seller

Whether you plan to shop from a jewelry store or an online eCommerce retailer, make sure the seller is reliable. Transparency on the grade and quality of the stones, as well as a great design aesthetic, are markers of a credible seller, guaranteeing a worthwhile purchase. 

Three Categories of Shungite

It’s also important to understand the grade of shungite you are buying. These are the three main categories. 

1. Elite Shungite 

This variety has up to 98% of organic carbon. You can recognize it by its shiny silvery surface finished with a metallic shine. It’s recommended to get an elite shungite stone polished by a professional. It’s rarer in its availability, needs more care, and costs more. But it looks stunning and worth every penny. 

2. Petrovsky Shungite

This variety has up to 75% carbon. It tends to have a glossy surface and looks glamorous as jewelry. One advantage of the Petrovsky shungite stone is that it’s not too fragile and can be easily polished. 

3. Regular, Raw Shungite

This variety has up to 30-50% organic carbon. Its color is pitch black, which, when polished, turns gray. It can be polished with ease and has a great purifying effect when placed in water. A water bottle fixed with a shungite stone is an innovation that leverages these purifying qualities. 

Final Words

Understanding the stone you buy is a handy skill for every collector of gemstones and jewelry. With these details on shungite, you’re sure to make an informed decision and add a treasured stone to your collection!

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